Do we really need a vendor certification?

In the ever growing IT market, and in the pool of various certifications, do we really need a vendor certification. Let’s discuss…

Industry demands have forced vendors to create their own certifications. In the IT industry, technology changes too often and too quickly. Hence, traditional means of certifications loose their significance. The demand for a vendor certification arises when the market requires skilled professionals. A vendor certification provides an easy way to identify such skilled professionals.

The vendor certification provides a win-win opportunity for all.

  • Vendors get benefited because it promotes people skilled in their respective products.
  • Professionals benefit because it boosts their careers.
  • Employers benefit because it helps them identify qualified people.

By hiring a vendor-certified employee, the employer can assure himself that he has hired a person who is skilled in the specific products the company uses. For an example, a company using a CISCO router and other CISCO equipments on their network requires an administrator who can look after its network. Now, for the company, the best way to find the required professional is to seek a professional who is certified by CISCO itself.

So, do we really need a vendor certification? YES, a big Yes!