Dennis Leprozo is a full-stack developer skilled in using JavaScript, React, HTML, ES6, and CSS for front-end development. He is proficient in PostgreSQL, SQL Tabs, RESTful APIs, and GitHub for repositories and has knowledge of using Digital Ocean Hosting and other tools, libraries and frameworks. He has 10+ years of work experience. Recently he accessed our HTML, CSS & JavaScript Web Publishing course. We feel happy to share his review with our users:

Dennis Reviewed uCertify's HTML, CSS & JavaScript Course

uCertify offers a huge selection of online courses for beginners, masters and intermediate like me. The course prepares you to publish your own website using new tools and guided technical details. It will help you create an interactive web page from scratch until hosting with search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness. This is a good book for computer enthusiasts who want to have a career change in web development. I had so much fun learning with uCertify.

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Thank you, Dennis, for your feedback. We are delighted that you found our course helpful.

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