The logo of the CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum Program and the status of this or other training material as “Authorized” under the CompTIA Authorized Curriculum Program signifies that, in CompTIA’s opinion, such training material covers the content of the CompTIA’s related certification exam.  CompTIA has not reviewed or approved the accuracy of the contents of this training material and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  CompTIA makes no guarantee concerning the success of persons using any such “Authorized” or other training material in order to prepare for any CompTIA certification exam.

And uCertify is one of the very few simulation providers who achieved the CAQC accreditation on its PrepKits for CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA A+ certifications.

The contents of this training material were created for the CompTIA N10-004N10-005 exam and A+ (220-701 and 220-702) exams covering CompTIA certification exam objectives that were current as of  January’ 2012.


How to Become CompTIA Certified:

This training material can help you prepare for and pass a related CompTIA certification exam or exams.  In order to achieve CompTIA certification, you must register for and pass a CompTIA certification exam(s).

In order to become CompTIA certified, you must:

  1. Select a certification exam provider.  For more information please visit the CompTIA site.
  2. Register for and schedule a time to take the CompTIA certification exam(s) at a convenient location.
  3. Read and sign the Candidate Agreement, which will be presented at the time of the exam(s). The text of the Candidate Agreement can be found at
  4. Take and pass the CompTIA certification exam(s).


For more information about CompTIA’s certifications, such as their industry acceptance, benefits, or program news, please visit

CompTIA is a non-profit information technology (IT) trade association.  CompTIA’s certifications are designed by subject matter experts from across the IT industry.  Each CompTIA certification is vendor-neutral, covers multiple technologies, and requires demonstration of skills and knowledge widely sought after by the IT industry.

To contact CompTIA with any questions or comments:

Please call: + 1 630 268 1818

Or email:

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