Our focus on continuous improvement has led to another upgradation in our LX0-104 – Linux+ Powered By LPI – Exam 2 (Course & Lab). The exam covers your ability to manage shells, scripting, and data, and to set user interfaces and desktops in the Linux operating system. It also tests your knowledge on the Linux administration, networking fundamentals, and basic network security. The Linux+ Powered by LPI-2 is part of CompTIA’s Linux+ certification which comprises of 2 exams. It is a required part to the certification.The certification is targeted at Network Administrator and System Administrator involved with working at the Linux command line, perform maintenance tasks, assist users, and install and configure workstations. The exam is ideal for people who wish to make a career as Junior Linux administrator, Junior network administrator, Systems administrator, Linux database administrator and Web administrator. Our complete course assures your success, if followed diligently. Here is what it comprises of:

  • 15 Pre-assessment questions
  • 5 Lessons
  • 100 Exercise questions
  • 73 Quizzes
  • 168 Glossary of items
  • 8 Videos
  • 2 Full length test
  • 60 Post assessment questions
  • 29 Performance labs

So, explore the advancement and start preparing now to reach your goal early.


The Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2010 Expert certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification validates your competency across a spectrum of skills which measures your knowledge and efficiency at Sharing and Maintaining Workbooks, Applying Formulas and Functions, Creating and Manipulating Data, Formatting Data and Content, Creating and Modifying Formulas and Functions, Presenting Data Visually, and Working with Macros and Forms etc.The certification is targeted at creating business deliverables with Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert. This exam is an upgrade of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Expert. Successful completion of exam  enhances the Career Prospects as Information Workers, Office Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Commercial Bankers, Program/Project Managers and Sales Professionals. Here are the features that will ensure thorough understanding of the subject and in turn success in examination:

  • 15 Pre-assessment questions
  • 9 Lessons
  • 52 Exercise questions
  • 75 Quizzes
  • 35 Glossaries
  • 27 Videos
  • 2 Full-length Test
  • 20 Post assessment questions

So get certified now and accelerate your career.


At uCertify, we not only work for customer satisfaction but also focus on customer’s delight. We have upgraded our track area to enhance user experience.

In the upgraded track area, the Lab and Labs Plan sections (for complete courses) are merged into one and Lecture and Lecture Plan sections have been clubbed into one. Now reports of any student can be reviewed in the Practice, Lessons, Lectures, and Assessment sections. In the Practice tab, the test report of anytype of test can be reviewed , in the Lessons tab, the report of the sections like exercises, quizzes, and flash-cards can be reviewed, and in the Lectures tab, the test report of the created lectures can be reviewed in table view and student view.

Another feature ‘Locked Table Pane’ is also introduced which locksthe first row and column of the sheets. The column headings or row titles will now be visible while you scroll to other parts of the worksheet.

So, go ahead try out these exciting features and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Our team at uCertify believes in continuous innovation and improvement. So, get ready to be awed by our new release 77-888 – MOS: Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert LABS.These online labs simulate real-world hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The lab is based on Excel 2010 version and covers all the essential components of Excel and provides a clear understanding of the subject. It provides practice in a practical way covering all the objectives of 77-888 exam.

 It will enable you to master the hands on activities such as : sharing and maintaining workbooks, applying formulas and functions, presenting data visually, working with macros and forms and so on. It will boost your career prospects as : Information Workers, Office Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Commercial Bankers, Program/Project Managers and Sales Professionals. So, its time to hone your skills to excel in your career!

Are you planning to make your career in Java Programming Language  and plan to take on the role of a Java Developer, Web Application Developer, Technical consultant, Project Manager or  Internet Portal Developer? Then, uCertify’s upgraded 1Z0-804 – Oracle Java SE 7 Programmer II course is your safest bet! The 1Z0-804 exam for developers will validate  your strong Java programming skills. The exam covers the fundamentals of Java SE 7 programming, including the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, the steps to create simple Java technology programs, core Java APIs to design object-oriented applications with Java, and much more.

Our comprehensive course structure along with 85 pre-assessment questions, 2 full-length tests and 90 post assessment questions, will certainly assure your success in the exam. So start your preparation now to master the skills and flaunt your credentials.

At uCertify, we understand the ever-changing needs of our users and hence we strive to keep upgrading our titles to meet their expectations. This time, we have improvised on our CV0-001 – Deploying And Managing A Cloud Infrastructure course, to provide better guidance to the professionals working in cloud computing environment. The in-depth topics covered in the course  leads to a successful completion of the CompTIA Cloud+ certification CV0-001.

The certification is an ideal pick for cloud practitioners and it also aids IT students who want to understand the cloud solutions and want to deploy, configure, and manage private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. It also helps people with relevant work experience in IT networking, storage, or data center administration, and familiarity with any major hypervisor technologies for server virtualization.

To ensure your success, uCertify has included over:

  • 39 Exercise questions
  • 75 Quizzes
  • 56 Glossary of terms
  • 13 Lessons
  • 40 Pre-assessment questions
  • 2 Full length tests and over 60 post-assessments questions.

So, start learning now to flaunt your credentials later!


Expertise in Microsoft Excel 2010 not only adds credible weightage to your resume, but also provides you a winning edge! The best part is, anyone can master these skills, by the special simulators crafted by uCertify. It provides hands-on experience with  features like performance based labs and video tutorials. Each lab is provided with the detailed explanation to let the students gain in-depth knowledge about the respective activities and videos makes learning more effective and fun. The lab allows you to gain expertise with its over 113 performance based lab and video tutorials. It is ideal to boost the career prospects of Information Workers, Office Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Commercial Bankers, Program/Project Managers and Sales Professionals. It allows you to master features like managing the worksheet environment,creating cell data, formatting cells and worksheets, managing worksheets and workbooks,applying formulas and function, presenting data visually,sharing worksheet data with other users and analyzing and organizing data.

So, don’t miss out a chance to perform, learn and earn the certificate and enhance your career trajectory!

 uCertify delivers its promise yet again, to deliver nothing , but the best! We have upgraded the prestigious  Exam 1 & Exam 2 module.The 101-400 – LPIC-1 Exam 1 – Linux Server Professional Certification V4.0 course covers basic Linux installation, configuration, and maintenance. Exam 1 helps you to perform Linux system up and running and to configure it for many common tasks. The 102-400 – LPIC-1 Exam 2 – Linux Server Professional Certification V4.0 updated 2015 covers basic Linux applications, networking, and security. Both the courses can accelerate the career prospects for System Administrator, Linux Developer and Linux Administrator.

The course helps you to thoroughly prepare with its elaborate structure of over 15 pre-assessment questions, 2 full length tests and  60 post-assessment questions.The Linux Server Professional Certification is available to anyone who passes the two required exams: 101 and 102. The IT professionals using the Linux operating system and its associated tools can opt for this exam. So, try it out now and enhance your employ-ability score!

At uCertify, we believe in continuously improving our service, platform, and titles to deliver a top-notch learning experience to our customers. With this objective in mind, we have come up with a highly advanced and upgraded version of our 77-882 – MOS: Microsoft Excel 2010. Experience the inventiveness of our platform, with the certification that has been endorsed by the leading industrial experts.

The fundamental understanding of Excel environment is the prerequisite for The Core-Level Microsoft Office Excel 2010. This certification is crafted for the professionals who can create and manage worksheets & workbooks with Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and may have experience with previous versions of Microsoft Office Excel. They are also strong in performing tasks like creating tables, applying formulas and functions, creating charts & objects. The course is ideal for professionals, such as Information Workers, Office Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Commercial Bankers, Program/Project Managers, and Sales Professionals

The exam covers creating, customizing, and organizing workbooks and worksheets.  It comprises of 37 Pre-assessments Questions, 4 Full Length Tests and 50 Post-Assessments Questions.

In order to captivate the readers, the information is presented in the amusing ways with Exercises, Flashcards & Quizzes. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt these. Exercises come with detailed remediation, which ensures that learners are confident on the topic before proceeding. Flashcards help master the key concepts while Glossary defines the key terms. You will have an access to 243 Exercise Questions , 222 Quizzes, 98 Glossary of terms, and 26 Lessons along with 147 Videos.

The test structure ensures an in-depth knowledge of the subject and in turn guarantees success in the exams! So, rush and enroll yourself today!