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Certiport Certifications

Certiport is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions to organizations worldwide. It is one of the companies in the forefront offering certification programs. Certiport has introduced a wide range of certification exams for entry level to experienced professionals. The Certiport certifications enhance your career prospects and take it to the next level.

Certiport IC3 Certification

Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) exams validate basic knowledge and skills to use computer software, hardware, and Internet productively. To become IC3 certified you need to pass these three exams:

  • Living Online - The exam includes the areas such as networks and the Internet, the impact of computing and the Internet on society, electronic mail, using the Internet. uCertify provides study guide for the IC3 GS4 Living Online exam.
  • Computing Fundamentals - The exam involves concepts of using an operating system, computer hardware and software. uCertify provides study guide for the IC3 GS4 Computing fundamentals exam.
  • Key Application - The exam provides knowledge of word processing functions, presentation software functions, common program functions, spreadsheet functions. uCertify provides study guide for the IC3 GS4 Key Applications exam.