Mastering Windows Server® 2022 with Azure Cloud Services IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS


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Hands-On Labs
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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is the newest version of Microsoft’s server operating system software. Microsoft has taken the best of their previous Windows Server versions and combined them into the latest creation, Windows Server 2022. The course Mastering Windows Server® 2022 with Azure Cloud Services IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS takes you through all the ins and outs of Windows Server 2022, including installation, configuration, Group Policy objects, auditing, backups, the cloud, and so much more. It is intended for individuals who want to learn about Windows Server 2022 and connecting that network to the cloud. It contains interactive lessons with knowledge checks, quizzes, and live labs to provide you with a hands-on experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2022.


19+ Lessons | 179+ Exercises | 150+ Quizzes | 155+ Flashcards | 155+ Glossary of terms


60+ Pre Assessment Questions | 60+ Post Assessment Questions |

Hands-On Labs

44+ LiveLab | 47+ Video tutorials | 01:29+ Hours

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Who Should Read This Course?
  • What’s Inside?
  • Recommended Home Lab Setup
  • How to Contact Sybex or the Author
  • How to Contact the Publisher

Lessons 2: Understanding Windows Server 2022

  • Features and Advantages of Windows Server 2022
  • Deciding Which Windows Server 2022 Version to Use
  • Removed Features
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 3: Understanding Virtualization

  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 4: Installing and Configuring Hyper-V

  • Hyper-V Installation and Configuration
  • Configuring Virtual Machines
  • PowerShell Commands
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 5: Installing Windows Server 2022

  • Installing the Windows Server 2022 OS
  • Activating and Servicing Windows
  • Configuring Windows Server Updates
  • Understanding Features On Demand
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 6: Understanding IP

  • Understanding TCP/IP
  • Understanding IP Addressing
  • Subnetting a Network
  • Understanding IPv6
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 7: Implementing DNS

  • Introducing DNS
  • Introducing DNS Database Zones
  • Advantages of DNS in Windows Server 2022
  • Introducing DNS Record Types
  • Configuring DNS
  • DNS PowerShell Commands
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 8: Understanding Active Directory

  • Verifying the File System
  • Verifying Network Connectivity
  • Understanding Active Directory
  • Understanding Domain and Forest Functionality
  • Planning the Domain Structure
  • Installing Active Directory
  • Verifying Active Directory Installation
  • Creating and Configuring Application Data Partitions
  • Configuring DNS Integration with Active Directory
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 9: Administering Active Directory

  • Active Directory Overview
  • An Overview of OUs
  • Planning the OU Structure
  • Creating OUs
  • Managing OUs
  • Creating and Managing Active Directory Objects
  • Publishing Active Directory Objects
  • PowerShell for Active Directory
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 10: Configuring DHCP

  • Understanding DHCP
  • Installing and Authorizing DHCP
  • Creating and Managing DHCP Scopes
  • Working with Advanced DHCP Configuration Options
  • PowerShell Commands
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 11: Building Group Policies

  • Introducing Group Policy
  • Planning a Group Policy Strategy
  • Implementing Group Policy
  • Managing Group Policy
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 12: Advanced Group Policy Options

  • Deploying Software Through a GPO
  • Implementing Software Deployment
  • Configuring Software Deployment Settings
  • Troubleshooting Group Policies
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 13: Understanding Cloud Concepts

  • Understand Cloud Concepts
  • Understanding the Difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 14: Configuring Azure

  • Understanding Azure Benefits
  • Understanding the Azure Dashboards
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 15: Understanding Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 16: Creating a Hybrid Network

  • Creating a Hybrid Network
  • Implement Active Directory Federation Services
  • Planning Azure AD Authentication Options
  • Creating an Azure Recovery Policy
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 17: Understanding Microsoft Endpoint

  • Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Understanding AutoPilot
  • Planning for Secure Applications Data on Devices
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 18: Configuring Security

  • Managing Windows Security
  • Configuring Windows Firewall
  • Managing Security
  • The Bottom Line

Lessons 19: Creating Azure Policies

  • Azure Devices and Policies
  • PowerShell Commands
  • The Bottom Line

Hands-on LAB Activities

Installing and Configuring Hyper-V

  • Creating a Differencing Hard Disk
  • Creating an Internal Virtual Network
  • Installing Hyper-V in Full Installation Mode
  • Creating a New Virtual Machine

Installing Windows Server 2022

  • Installing a WSUS Server

Implementing DNS

  • Configuring a Zone for Dynamic Updates
  • Creating a Delegated DNS Zone
  • Manually Creating DNS Records
  • Installing the DNS Service

Understanding Active Directory

  • Viewing and Modifying the Disk Configurations
  • Promoting a Domain Controller
  • Installing AD DS using PowerShell
  • Creating an RODC Server

Administering Active Directory

  • Creating an OU Structure
  • Using the Delegation of Control Wizard
  • Delegating Custom Tasks
  • Creating Active Directory Objects
  • Creating a User Template
  • Creating and Resetting a Computer Account
  • Moving Active Directory Objects
  • Creating and Publishing a Printer
  • Creating and Publishing a Shared Folder

Configuring DHCP

  • Installing the DHCP Server
  • Creating a New Scope
  • Configuring User Class Options
  • Creating a Superscope
  • Creating a New Multicast Scope
  • Enabling DHCP-DNS Integration
  • Creating and Activating a New DHCPv6 Scope
  • Enabling DHCP Name Protection
  • Configuring DHCP Filtering

Building Group Policies

  • Linking Existing GPOs to Active Directory
  • Creating a Group Policy Object Using the GPMC
  • Filtering Group Policy Using Security Groups
  • Configuring Automatic Certificate Enrollment in Group Policy
  • Delegating Administrative Control of Group Policy
  • Configuring Folder Redirection in Group Policy

Configuring Azure

  • Creating and Sharing a Custom Dashboard
  • Cloning and Sharing a Custom Dashboard

Creating a Hybrid Network

  • Creating a Site-to-Site VPN Connection
  • Creating a Local Network Gateway
  • Installing the AD FS Role

Configuring Security

  • Running a Quick Scan
  • Creating a New Inbound Rule
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