uCertify has updated its Instructor tools and SMART APP for students and instructors. Explore them below:

Explore uCertify Latest Platform Updates

uCertify SMART App: 

  • uCertify SMART App is now updated for making students up to date latest smartphone technologies. The SMART App is now updated with the latest Android version Android Pie. The updated app works smoothly on the iOS and Android devices, not any issues are reported until now for our app.
  • The SMART App now has the option to permanently hide the rating modal box that has been introduced for students. 
  • Also, students can now distinguish between bookmarks, confidence, and notes added by them within the chapters as the SMART App introduced color highlight option on different dots for different options.

Access Code Details for Instructors:

This update enables instructors to view access code details via Invite tab drop-down. The tab shows the details such as the name of the person who ordered the access code, date on which it was ordered, course name, permission, order number, last enrolled user, last used date, and access code status. Instructors can also view the enrollment details under a particular access code via Action drop-down. 

With this update, instructors can easily get all the details related to the access code at one place which was not available to them earlier.

So, enhance your learning experience by logging into uCertify!

There’s an application for almost everything nowadays, and education is not so different. Innovation can play a huge role in learning and instructing. The utilization of educational applications is changing the approach to study around the globe. Educational applications can fundamentally enhance the efficiency levels and make the learning procedure more interactive. Also, the students can learn at their own pace and not feel compelled by the pre-set time schedules, hence empowering the absolute learning. This is the reason uCertify keeps the trend going and updates the educational mobile app every now and then as the technology advances. uCertify Learn mobile application has undergone many changes in the last few weeks in order to change and upgrade the user interface and user experience to enhance the learning experience.

Improvements in User Interface and API of uCertify Learn Mobile App

There are few changes recently made in the uCertify Learn mobile app and are mentioned below:

  • There has been a change in the API of the uCertify Learn mobile app, with that the application can run smoother and faster. Now ebooks and the courses opened in the apps will be loaded quickly after you log in the app. All the courses in the mobile app can now be downloaded in the ZIP format that allows you to save time and data. The change in the API of the uCertify Learn mobile app has upgraded the overall performance of the app and made the learning go smooth.


  • A change in the interface of the Special Module questions and lab has made it simpler for you to reload the question whenever there is a problem with the internet. Now if you are stuck at a question when there is a problem with the internet and the image is not able to load itself properly, there is a Reload button on the top which allows you to reload that question again without freezing other questions. Once you reload the question you can easily go to the next question by swiping. Furthermore, with this change in the interface, the uCertify Learn mobile app automatically clears the cache to increase the functionality and free up the RAM space.


  • The functionality of Video Player in the iOS mobile app has been improved. Videos can be downloaded from the list of all courses available in the ebook library and can be played without the requirement of internet connection. Now, with the change in the control and performance of video player, videos in the iOS uCertify Learn mobile app will run smoothly.


  • The change in the Instructor or Educator Section of the uCertify Learn mobile app has made it easier for educators to track the progress of the students. Now with the upgraded tools and performance in the interface of the instructor section, educators can create a section key and distribute it to other students to be enrolled in that section to track the students’ real-time progress, allocate the assignments through sections, and guide them accordingly in one go.

uCertify being an online IT certification training provider has gone a step ahead and upgraded the uCertify Learn mobile app with an aim to unite instructors & learners around the world so that the education can be imparted freely without any bugs, whenever and wherever made feasible.