Top 4 Reasons Why Social Media Is An Essential Part Of Marketing Strategy

It’s the digital era and this means having countless tools to reinforce your brand and let it grow. Here’s why every business should be ready to change its mindset, embrace innovation and dive into the digital world.

The way of thinking, acting and making business changes according to the mainstream force in the society: think digital in a digital world and be ready for the change. It is in this scenario that social media stand out and take the lead.

Social Media is essential for marketing

If you want to think digital, social media represent the very first step towards this new way of thinking and the first touchpoint to reach new customers. Social media require to be constantly updated on the last new trends and tools and this is necessary to take the most out of them.

So, why your company should build or reinforce its presence on social media?

Increase awareness

Exactly, this is one of the most powerful reasons why you should board on social media.

As we said before, social media are the first touchpoint to reach people due to the fact that they have deep roots in the daily life of every person.

Planning an efficient strategy will increase the awareness of your brand and make its echo louder. You will be able to reach new potential customers because reaching people is easier and sharing information is faster. The best thing about that? You can do it on a low budget and it is gonna be way cheaper than the traditional methods.

Work on that: reach more people, make your business bigger.

Community & Networking

This is a direct consequence of reaching more people.

Create a community and take care of it, become a point of reference, create engagement and award your customers. This will be a huge benefit for your brand identity too.

Reinforce the community day by day as it is the perfect starting point to do networking and find new potential customers and partners.

Know what they want

It is really important to create a dialogue with the customers and build the brand together.

Through social media, insights are it possible to deeply discover their needs, requests, who they are (age, origin, gender) and this will help you to clarify your target and make your offer even more tailored. Sharing info is faster too and you will be able to give and receive immediate feedback.

Define your target, customize your offer and convert them in your next customers.

Drive to website

Use the power of social media to make your website even more successful.

Social platforms have to be perceived as a real bridge that drives traffic to the website, improves its positioning and increase its visibility and performance.

Remember, if the community is well engaged it will be even more active on social media (like share & comments) and this will make the ranking even higher.

Catch the customers, intensify the lead generation and convert them him into purchasers.

Now it’s your turn to experience the power of social media for your business! To know more, you can check out Social Media Strategist course offered by uCertify.

By Elena Palumbo

Social Media & Content Specialist @ Vantisco – A leading IT company and Digital marketing agency in Milan, Italy

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