Social media is growing exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. Today, over 4.20 billion of all Internet users are also social media users. In addition, most users now use two or more social media sites daily and access sites using multiple devices. In the early days of social media, many businesses did not see the value of having a social media strategy. Many businesses did not participate at all on social media sites or their efforts were unorganized and consisted of random postings on various social sites. Because of the tremendous growth, businesses today should not ignore social media. Instead, they need to review the social media landscape and make a real effort to integrate social media into their business practices. The Social Media Strategist course will give you an overview of what social media is and start to introduce you to the complex landscape that makes up social media today.

uCertify introduces the latest CIW Social Media Strategist course

In this course, you will study social media and learn how it differs from traditional media. You will also examine some foundation technologies and communication methods that make social media sites interactive, social places on the Internet. You will also examine the various types of social media and mobile social media. You will learn about people who use social media. You will also be introduced to various types of social media tools. The course offers lessons and test prep. Lessons are fully responsive and come complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, connect the idea, and many more. It is designed to keep you engaged and make learning fun. The TestPrep provides full-length practice tests that can be configured to closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real testing conditions. In addition to the Test Prep uCertify provides PrepEngine, a gamified version of TestPrep that has a deep foundation in learning science. It is built to meet the needs of today’s students and professionals who don’t have time to sit for 90 minute test sets.

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With more than 4.53 billion active users on the internet, it is changing the way businesses are conducted throughout the world. With people spending more and more time on the internet, it’s becoming the most potent place for marketing.

Traditionally, marketing techniques have varied vastly. From word of mouth, to print media ads and tele-ads, marketing has evolved dramatically. But the fundamental concept of marketing has remained unchanged, “Target the right audience, with the right content at the right place”. As more and more people are becoming active on various digital channels, the marketing techniques have evolved too.

Any marketing techniques that are utilized on any digital channel with the ultimate goal of generating higher revenue are Digital Marketing. Such marketing channels include Social Media, emails, mobile applications, and Search engines. To learn about these techniques you may check out uCertify CIW: Social Media Strategist 1D0-623 Course.

Why Digital marketing?

Traditional marketing channels are dying, a sad but realistic fact! The way people are spending more and more time on digital devices, billboards and newspaper ads are losing their charm. The only place businesses can find new prospects are one or another digital platform.

Digital marketing is becoming a vital tool to build a compelling digital presence of a business. Virtually, every business, irrespective of its domain, is trying to go online in some way. With Digital Marketing, there are endless possibilities to customize the way you advertise your product or service. 

Digital Marketing strategy

Every successful campaign demands a well-defined strategy. Same goes with digital marketing. If you want to build a successful online business using Digital Marketing, you need a robust Digital Marketing Strategy in place. These strategies will help you drive more traffic to your company and will improve the conversion ratio.

The first step of any digital marketing strategy is Defining your brand. You need a clear thought about what your brand can offer that others can’t, what is your USP(unique selling point) and what section of the internet users will you cater.

The second step is analyzing your target audience. Every product or service has a specific target audience. You can’t sell a car to a person who is looking for a bike loan. So it’s vital to define your audience before advertising. 

The third step is to define your budget. Depending on the nature of your business and your goals, your budget can vary drastically. So it’s essential to set aside a fixed budget for your digital marketing campaign.

The fourth step is choosing the right strategy. Every business needs a different approach to be successful in the market. Choose your strategy after a proper analysis of the impacts of these strategies on your business. 

The fifth and final step is to launch your campaign across every suitable channel to target the maximum audience. Do not forget to keep a track on the channel that generates maximum output. Focus more and spend more on those channels. 

There numerous ways to do Digital Marketing. For e.g. Social Media campaigns can target relevant audience through organic or paid marketing. Similarly, a content marketing campaign can drive more traffic using engaging articles and blogs. 

Selection of campaigns depends on the goal of doing digital marketing. 

Some important campaigns for digital marketing are :

  1. SEO campaigns (Search engine optimization)
  2. SEM campaigns(search engine Marketing)
  3. PPC campaigns(Pay per click)
  4. Content marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing 
  6. Email Marketing

SEO (Search engine optimization) in Digital Marketing

Ever tried searching for “Bus Ticket Booking” Give it a shot. You will always see, “RedBus” will be at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). There are hundreds of websites delivering the same service, but RedBus stays at the top. Wondered why? The answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The same thing goes with “Digital Seva”. When you type this keyword, the link of “Digital Seva” will appear on top.

When a user enters some words or phrases (keywords) in Google or any other search engines, that search engine looks into its server and presents the website offering the same content on the top. There are numerous ways a website needs to be optimized to make it appear on the top of any search results. Such optimization of any website is called “Search Engine Optimization”. 

SEO is a well planned and well-executed strategy to help your website appear on the top results for the relevant keyword search. 

There are three ways you can create a compelling SEO strategy. 

Technical SEO: This SEO optimizes the backend of your website. It can improve your website’s loading speed, can reduce bounce rate and give a refreshing look to your site. This will keep visitors engaged for a longer duration, improving your chances for higher sales.

On-page SEO: This SEO generally deals with the on-page content that visitors see. Optimizing your website with relevant keywords can help you rank higher on Google searches.

Off-page SEO: This SEO includes tactics like building back links, writing guest articles on other websites, and connecting with other publishers can help you improve your website’s authority. With higher authority, comes higher traffic.

Why is SEO critical?

Have you ever bothered going to the second page of search results while searching for anything online? Never! A report suggests, around 70% of people click on the top 4 links that appear on a SERP. So if your website does not appear on the first page, your website is as useless as trash! It might seem a bit too harsh, but it’s a cold fact! 

Check out the benefits of SEO

  • If you are looking to generate traffic from your website, you need to perform strategic SEO. Employing SEO experts can help you optimize your page to bring in powerful and actionable leads. 
  • Apart from generating leads, SEO improves your website’s user experience. Websites that are user friendly tend to attract more visitors, enhancing your chance to make a sale. 
  • When your website appears on the top four or five results, your brand authority grows. Such authority commands more trust in your visitors. 
  • Sites with better SEO stand a higher chance to generate more revenue than its competitors. 

Digital marketing strategy is a very vast thing. There are enormous possibilities for growth with proper Digital Marketing campaigns. Numerous experts run Digital Marketing Courses to help people learn how to utilize digital marketing to its fullest potential.

Hannam Everton is Secretary-General of Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO. He has more than 15 years of experience working in the international affairs industry. He is skilled in nonprofit organizations, negotiation, intercultural communication, sustainable development, and political science. Hannam is a business development professional with a Master’s focused on Languages from the University of Havana. 

He has recently reviewed our CIW Social Media Strategist course and provided his valuable feedback. Please read it here:

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“The CIW Social Media Strategist course completely covers 1D0–623 exam objectives and helps you understand the basics of SM, like posting, sending emails, and more. 

The course outlay is very simple and offers a seamless learning path Assessments allow for immediate testing of your knowledge after the completion of each lesson.”

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Thank you Hannam, we are glad to have your honest and valuable feedback on our course. 

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As you know that social media is a very strong medium for grabbing the attention of the audience, it can also help you get the right people for promotion because the reach of the platforms is vast. Taking this in mind the learning platforms offer courses for Social Media Strategist. uCertify offers CIW Social Media Strategist course 1D0-623 for the same.

Social media is a game changer for how business professionals interact and reach their constituent groups yet many career professionals aren’t aware of how to develop a purposeful social media strategy. Without a social media strategy, business risk losing relevance with their audience, and they also lose the opportunity of utilizing social media to achieve department goals. Social media can play an important role in promotions, marketing, and increasing revenue for your business.

uCertify's CIW Social Media Strategist 1D0-623 Cert Guide

The Social Media Strategist course describes the phases of planning and implementing a social media strategy for your business. The course is based on the fundamental steps of preparing a comprehensive and measurable plan to achieve the goals of the business. The 1D0-623 course is designed for IT professionals to explain business uses of social media; identify steps involved in a creating successful social media campaign; discuss crowdsourcing and crowd shaping strategies; track virtual and brick-and-mortar business using social media and Web technologies; identify strategies and tactics for creating and using folksonomies; and much more. The Social Media Strategist 1D0-623 course focuses on the use of social media in business. The Social Media Strategist course teaches candidates how to create a social media campaign, and how to analyze and present data in order to address organizational issues and make appropriate business decisions. The 1D0-623 course helps you learn, prepare, and practice for CIW 1D0-623 exam success. The Social Media Strategist 1D0-623 course is built with the objective of providing assessment, review, and practice to help ensure you are fully prepared for your certification exam.

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