Check out uCertify LTI New Grade Sync Functionality

uCertify students can now sync their test with LMS via auto grade sync or study planner. In auto grade sync, the best score will automatically sync with the LMS. While in grade sync via study planner, students have to click on the red solid circle over course component name to sync their best score.

So, login to today and start using the new functionality.

LMS new grade sync

uCertify Has Updated Its Deep Linking and Gradebook Integration Functionality

uCertify has simplified its deep linking creation functionality for our instructors. While keeping their privacy secure, instructors can now create LTI Deep links without exporting cartridge or creating links one by one manually. They can create a deep link for D2L without using API. Also, instructors can create an LTI deep link for Canvas using API.

Now Instructor Can Create LTI Deep Link For Canvas Using API

So, start using the updated grade book feature for better user experience.