Pass The CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 Exam- uCertify Cert Guide

The CIW E-Commerce Specialist certification is an ideal next step for the professionals who already have an understanding of web technology and looking forward to building upon and expand, with a focus on E-Commerce. CIW offers are industry-recognized education certification that validates the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the related IT sector. If you’re already working in web design, an internet consultancy, or other business sectors that require the use of web technologies, then this certification is right for you. uCertify, the online e-learning platform comes with the CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 course for the CIW E-Commerce Specialist certification exam. The cert guide offers complete coverage of all the objectives of the 1D0-525 exam and includes topics such as E-Commerce site development; E-Commerce technology and security; E-Commerce business, marketing, and legal issues; payment gateways; E-Learning solutions; order processing; transactions and Website security; and many more. On completion of this CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 course, you will be able to demonstrate a host of E-Commerce skills and strategies that will help you achieve success as a Web marketing professional.

Pass CIW E-Commerce Specialist Exam- uCertify 1D0-525 Guide

Here are the exam topics covered in the CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 cert guide:

  • Site Usability
  • Law and Internet
  • Web Marketing Goals
  • Online Product Promotion
  • Creating an Online Gateway
  • Business-to-Business Framework
  • E-Commerce Site Creation Software
  • Site Development Software Implementation
  • Customer Relation Management and E-Services
  • E-Commerce Site Creation Packages – Outsourcing
  • E-Commerce Site Development using Commerce Server

The CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 course comes with the following resources:

  • 23+ Lessons
  • 675+ Quizzes
  • 180+ Flashcards
  • 4+ Full-length Tests
  • 72+ Pre-assessments
  • 160+ Post Assessments

About CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 Exam

CIW E-Commerce Specialist certification exam is targeted at individuals working with E-commerce practices and site design. The exam focuses on the process of conducting business online; managing the technical issues associated with constructing an E-Commerce Website; similarities and differences between traditional, and electronic commerce; and E-Commerce technologies at various levels of sophistication. This certification offers a wealth of E-Commerce focused knowledge that will help you enhance your career prospects. A working knowledge of Web technology or a pass in the CIW Web Foundations course will be ideal preparation for this e-learning opportunity.

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Be A CIW: E-Commerce Specialist With uCertify

Pass the exam 1D0-525 : CIW: E-Commerce Specialist in the first attempt with the uCertify 1D0-525 : CIW: E-Commerce Specialist course. This course provides all the required skills needed to clear this exam.

Prepare for CIW E-Commerce Specialist certification exam with our 1D0-525 E-Commerce Specialist course. This course provides you the simplest and most straightforward concepts required for E-commerce certification. The course focuses on the areas like:

  • E-commerce site development, including ways to conduct business online and so on.
  • E-commerce technology and security, including e-commerce technologies at various levels like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and lot more.
  • E-commerce business, marketing and legal issues, including Web marketing strategies, online product promotion and many more.

The course provides the following resources:

  • 23+ Lessons
  • 675+ Quizzes
  • 180+ Flashcards
  • 4+ Full-length tests
  • 72+ Pre-assessment
  • 160+ Post-assessment

About the Exam

The e-commerce Specialist certification exam is designed for the professionals who want to become efficient in site designing and e-commerce practices and for the professionals working in the field of web designing, an Internet consulting, IT professionals, marketing professionals, web and graphic artists, business professionals and a wide range of other businesses. This exam validates your skills in the areas of developing a knowledge base, implementing payment-processing services, Configuring web server software, securing e-commerce transactions and websites.

So, get certified for CIW E-Commerce Specialist certification exam and enhance your career prospects with uCertify.


CIW 1D0-525 Short notes: Exam Passing Tips

E-Commerce Site Development

  • MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is a standard for multi-part, multimedia electronic mail messages and World Wide Web hypertext documents on the Internet.
  • The number of hits per page will help you rank the Web pages in your site according to their popularity. The number of hits per page denotes the number of clicks on that particular page. The more the number of hits, the more popular is the page.
  • Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) includes the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications.
  • E-Commerce increases efficiency, opens new markets, and can be used to communicate directly with the customer.
  • A Web site that is created should be efficient and easy to use. This is the main idea behind usability.
  • AutoComplete is a feature of a browser in which the user is provided with the options he has previously used.
  • The integration that can be used to manage data, security, etc., for the sales of goods and services conducted through the Internet is known as e-commerce.
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