Daniel Micher Reviewed uCertify MTA: Software Development Fundamentals

Daniel Micher is an experienced Web Developer who has skills and industry knowledge in React.js, JavaScript, Redux.js, Ruby, Node.js, Python, and more. Recently, he had access to uCertify MTA: Software Development Fundamentals course and provided the following feedback:

MTA: Software Development Fundamentals | uCertify Reviews

Recently I had an opportunity to review the  MTA: Software Development Fundamentals course for uCertify. I found its UI nice and user friendly. The course comes with different tools for training as well as evaluation. It has video tutorials, multiple choice questions, and coding assessments. It also comes with a virtual machine that provides hands-on learning for the certification.

The course material is extensive, well structured, and is a great option to learn and get certified. It gives you a pre-assessment before the course so you have an objective way to measure your progression. If you score above 90% in the course, you are entitled to the certification. I believe uCertify is an excellent option for people aiming to get certified.”

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Thank you Daniel for your valuable feedback! We are glad that you found our course helpful.

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