Semi Yulianto Reviewed uCertify CySA+ Course

Semi Yulianto has  20+ years of work experience in the IT industry with skills in the area of Application and Software Development (Database and Management), Operating Systems, Server Systems, Messaging and Collaboration, and more. He  has expertise in Penetration Testing, Network Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, and more. He is also an author of a number of books including On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Applications Hosting: An Expert Review, Writing an Effective Penetration Testing Report: An Executive View, and many more. Currently, he is working as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), Consultant & Advisor – Information Security in Triv.

Recently, Semi reviewed uCertify CySA+ course and provided the following valuable feedback:

Semi Yulianto uCertify Review

I studied uCertify CySA+ course and found it very helpful for the certification exam prep. Topics are clearly explained and elaborated in chapters and lessons. This course also offers flashcards and quizzes to test the understanding of topics. 

What I really liked about this online self-paced course is the Performance Lab that provide hands-on experience on exam topics. The interactive features in the course will surely help the participants in mastering the domains & topics in CompTIA CySA+.

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Thank you Semi for your feedback. It really feels rewarding when a customer is happy with our course.

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Let’s See What Andre T. Is Talking About uCertify CySA+ Course

Andre T. has 13+ years of work experience as a Federal Police Officer and Federal External Control Auditor. Currently, he is working in the Court of Auditors of the Union. He has skills in Linux, Computer Security, Network Security, and Information Security. He has also earned a number of certifications that include CompTIA Security Analytics Professional, CompTIA Linux +, CompTIA CySA +, CompTIA Security +, and more. Recently he accessed uCertify CompTIA CySA+ course and provided the following feedback:

Andre T. uCertify review

I really liked the uCertify CompTIA CySA+ course. It offers interactive learning resources such as flashcards and knowledge checks in every chapter. Furthermore, there are tons of practical examples that will not only prepare you for the certification, but also give you  confidence to become a good professional in Cybersecurity. I would say that the difference in this course compared to others is the number of practical examples and the great hands on labs.

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Thank you Andre for your valuable feedback!  It really feels rewarding when we get such customer feedback.

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Kathleen Monthy’s Feedback on uCertify CySA+ Course

Kathleen Monthy has 12+ years of work experience and she is currently working as Tier 1 IT Help Desk at Cellular World Management. She has earned a number of certifications that include CySA+, Linux+, and A+. She has skills in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and more. Recently she reviewed uCertify CySA+ course and provided the following valuable feedback:

Kathleen Monthy reviewed uCertify CySA+ course

I had the pleasure to go through uCertify’s CySA+ training course. The course provides the skills required to pass the CS0-001 exam and helps you learn about logs, attacks, risks, and how to address these issues.

The course comes with exam based practice tests and is also helpful for beginners. The course is very useful and provides a hands-on learning experience on cybersecurity exam topics.

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Thank you Kathleen for your valuable feedback!  We are glad that you found our course helpful.To know more about Kathleen, contact via her LinkedIn profile.

Sabari Sundaram Reviewed uCertify CySA+ Course

Sabari Sundaram is 9+ years of experienced Senior Security Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is an information technology professional with skills in IDS, Firewall, SIEM, Technical Support, ITIL, and IT Service Management. Currently, she is working in Verizon. Recently, she reviewed the uCertify CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) course and provided the following valuable feedback:

Sabari Sundaram Reviewed uCertify CySA+ Course

I have recently passed my CySA+ exam and it took me almost three months to prepare for the same. I was recommended by a friend to check uCertify course and it was one of the best advice ever! The course is divided into lessons and each lesson has been made more interesting with quizzes, flashcards, exercises, and so on. You will get a pre assessment exam to test your knowledge in the cybersecurity best practices before you start the course. I would recommend this course to those who are pursuing CySA+ certification. Good luck to all the folks undertaking the exam!

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Thank you, Sabari for your feedback. We are happy that you found our course helpful for the certification exam.

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