How prepare for CX310-081 exam.

The CX310-081 (Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4) test checks your ability to use the basic syntax and structure of the Servlet and JSP pages. This test requires you to have a good understanding of Java, Servlets, and JSP pages, and the ability to write code for well-defined design applications. For this purpose, along with studying books and taking various practice tests, you should also practice with Servlets and JSP code. This will let you learn a lot of things that are of great importance from the test point of view. The test asks all sorts of tricky questions that you might not consider in the real world. Practicing the following things with the subject will make you confident enough of scoring well in the test:

  • Use the HTTP and HttpServlet methods and use sequence of the Servlet life cycle.
  • Write code using the HttpServletRequest HttpResponse interfaces.

  • Describe the purpose and semantics of the deployment descriptor and construct the correct structure of the deployment descriptor and a WAR file.
  • Write Servlet code for using various attribute scopes. Describe the use of a filter and a wrapper and write code to configure them.
  • Describe the life cycle of a listener. Write Servlet code to create a request dispatcher and to forward and include the target resource.
  • Write Servlet code to store objects into a session object and retrieve objects from a session object, and describe the mechanisms used to destroy the session object.
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Everything you want to know about the CX310-081 exam

Q. What are the prerequisites for the SCWCD 1.4 exam?

A. Before taking the SCWCD 1.4 exam, you must first pass the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam (CX310-025 or CX310-035 or CX310-055 or CX310-065).

Q. How should I prepare for the exam?

A. To prepare for the exam, you should use a web server (for example Tomcat). A step-by-step guide for installing Tomcat can be found here. You must practice well with the code. You can download the servlet and JSP specifications from the following links:,, and

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