Check Out The Latest Improvements In Our Mobile App

Here are the latest updates made in our Mobile App:

Check Out The Latest Improvements In Our Mobile App

1. Interactive Item Compatibility In The Lab 

Students can now perform the interactive items added in the lab with this updated feature. The update is compatible with the interactive items and we have improved the UI of the platform accordingly. Students can now perform all their tasks and sync when they’re finished. A student can check their performance on the web once it is synced. This new feature will enhance a student’s learning experience without any incompatibility issues.

2. Image Annotation

This update has been made for the interactive images added in the courses. These images are now compatible with the mobile app. Students can take advantage of this feature and have an interactive learning experience.

So, check out these features by using uCertify Mobile App!

Reasons To Opt Mobile App Development As Your Career

A good mobile is the one that just helps you throughout the day– be it your LinkedIn, Google maps, CNN, or ESPN app– we depend on our smartphones for a lot. Because of the global rise taking place in the field of tablets, smartphones, mobile apps development are the best source of information that can update you with the latest updates in the field of entertainment, e-commerce, business, productivity, and a lot more. By 2020, downloads from global mobile app store will reach 288.4 billion! With the expansion of mobile applications in the market, the demand for mobile software developers continues to grow. There is one more exciting thing about this career is that it can be a great source of income as this field is filled with numerous job opportunities.

Reasons To Opt Mobile App Development As Your Career

We thought it was only right to give you about the mobile development trends, from educational requirements to general stats on the profession– read below to explore new things about the mobile development.

The Mobile App Economy

Mobile application development is the process of building software specifically for mobile devices and technologies. If you’re interested in becoming a mobile app developer, then it would be a successful career ride for you. The Mobile App Economy is expected to hit 102.5 billion in gross revenues by 2020. There has been a remarkable 20% growth from 41.8 billion in revenue in 2015 that indicates the increase in the need for professionals with mobile development expertise. It is interesting to note that 45% of the global mobile app store revenues will come from emerging markets. As per the analysis in the year 2016, the emerging markets such as India and Brazil, are in hyper-growth while mature markets such as the U.S. facing a slower growth in downloads. Even with a slower growth in downloads in mature markets, money is being spent through e-commerce, predicting a 23.2 billion revenue increase by 2020.

Average Salary For Mobile App Developers

Basic responsibilities of an apps developer are building, testing, implementing, and maintaining mobile apps, you can earn an average salary USD 72,183 in the US.

Let’s give you a more clear idea about the salary.

  • iOS Developer – USD 80,343
  • Android Developer – USD 77,442

The article was just an attempt to update you on the mobile application development economy and general trends. Although it was just a glimpse of this fascinating career option. So, explore uCertify, the e-learning platform for getting the knowledge and skills for having a successful career in this field.