Why Become A Microsoft MCSA Certified?

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification is a career-defining certification from Microsoft that validates a candidate’s expertise in working with Microsoft technologies. MCSA certifications are designed for entry-level professionals to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of Microsoft products, roles, and knowledge areas. The MCSA certification is built around specific roles and proprietary products such as Windows Server 2012/14/16, Windows 10, and SQL Server 2012/14/16.

Why Become A Microsoft MCSA Certified?

Why is MCSA so popular?

The MCSA certification is one of the most demanded credentials offered by Microsoft. This certification creates a wide array of opportunities in the field of technology. The MCSA certification is also a prerequisite for various MCSE certifications. If you are hoping to continue down the certification path, you must have MCSA certification in hand. There are several benefits of earning this certification including the fact that it will verify your expertise in working with a number of Microsoft technologies and products. This certification will enhance your skill sets and knowledge; enhance your skills, and make you a technical leader who possesses the capability to successfully implement a wide range of Microsoft business solutions.

Microsoft has recently introduced a new MCSA designation called cloud essentials, enabling professionals to integrate cloud-related, as well as on-premise skills, validation for providing necessary support.

Here is the list of some highly paid jobs that you can get after receiving an MCSA certification.

  • Information Technology Manager: USD 14,027.31
  • System Administrator, Windows Server: USD 5709.12
  • Systems Administrator: USD 5653.01
  • Systems Engineer, IT: USD 4783.31

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C# programming

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The Microsoft 70-483 certification exam is designed to measure the technical and theoretical knowledge of candidates in the field of C# programming. The target audience for the 70-843 exam are the developers and students who have some experience in the programming of essential business logic for different application types and platforms using C#. This exam demonstrates a candidate’s real-world mastery of programming in C#. 

Eligibility and Fee for Programming in C# certification

All candidates over the age of 18 years are eligible for the Microsoft 70-483 exam. However, candidates having some experience in C# programming are given preference because they are more likely to score higher marks in the exam.

The exam fee for Microsoft 70-483 exam is $165 approximately. The cost of registration is different for different countries depending on their currency value. Some discounts are given to the people who are a part of Microsoft or its partner companies.

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