Start your prep for the CIW JavaScript Specialist exam with the uCertify course. The course covers the fundamental concepts of the JavaScript language and provides skills to design platform-independent, client-side solutions that enhance the value of any website by adding interest and interactivity. The CIW JavaScript course comes with labs that provide a programming environment in which professionals can provide commands according to the instructions or activity and get an output. These labs have been specially designed for professionals who want to understand how to fully use the features of the JavaScript programming language in Web application development. It challenges them to learn and practice their coding skills in an integrated development environment (IDE) with immediate feedback and code validation. 

Be a CIW JavaScript Specialist Professional with updated uCertify course

The CIW JavaScript Specialist exam is part of the CIW Web Development series certification. The JavaScript Specialist exam tests candidate’s expertise to apply JavaScript to communicate with users, modify the Document Object Model (DOM), control program flow, create cookies, change HTML on the fly, validate forms, animate images, and communicate with databases. CIW requires candidates to have an understanding of the following before applying for this certification:

  • Using the Internet, configuring networks, and developing Web pages
  • HTML code development
  • CIW Web Foundations Associate or equivalent

The average annual salary of a certified CIW JavaScript Specialist professional is $77,930. Passing this certification is proof of your knowledge in JavaScript language essentials, JavaScript code development, website implementation using authoring and scripting languages, web content creation, web management tools, and digital media tools. On earning CIW JavaScript Specialist certification, you can have the following job prospects:

  • Web developers
  • Software developers
  • Application programmers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Web designers
  • UI/UX designers

So, check out the uCertify JavaScript Specialist course, begin or grow a career in advanced Web development and technologies, and enhance your job prospects by being a certified JavaScript Specialist professional.

Marianna Janczak has more than 15 years of work experience and is currently working as a Front-end Web Developer at APPLICA.AI. Her work includes implementing front-end solutions in the Angular 4+ framework and customizing applications’ appearance with Bootstrap 4 and CS. She is working with tools and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, Angular 4+, TypeScript, Bootstrap 4, Angular Material Design, Vue.js, Python 3, SQL, SQLite, C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, and Azure. 

She has recently reviewed our CIW JavaScript course and provided her valuable feedback. Please read it here:

See What Marianna Janczak Has To Say About The JavaScript Course

“The course offers various ways of practicing and helping the process of memorization. For every lesson, there are also quiz questions in two modes: learn and exam which will help you prepare for the 1D0-735 exam.

The course contains chapters that are organized into lessons and are preceded by an introductory video. The explanations of the questions are clear, thorough, and easy to follow with examples.”

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Thank you, Marianna, we are glad to have your honest and valuable feedback on our course. 

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Avanish Kumar is currently working as an Application Development Senior Analyst at Accenture. He has more than 5 years of work experience in the IT industry. Avanish is a reader and solution researcher who is always ready to learn about and work with new technologies. He is experienced in various programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Salesforce CPQ, Java, SQL, JDBC, Apex, and Visualforce. Avanish is a CIW JavaScript Specialist certified professional.

He has recently reviewed our CIW JavaScript Specialist course and provided his valuable feedback. Please read it here:

Check Out Avanish Kumar’s Honest Review On Our CIW JavaScript Course

“I am very happy that I chose the uCertify CIW JavaScript Specialist course for enhancing my knowledge of JavaScript. The cert guide completely covers the CIW 1D0-735 exam objectives with its comprehensive learning resources.

The course contains very detailed information on all CIW 1D0-735 exam domains. I would surely recommend this course to the professionals preparing for the CIW 1D0-735 exam.”

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Thank you Avanish, we are glad to have your honest and valuable feedback on our course. 

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JavaScript is one of the programming languages that is being widely used these days in application development. The industry is growing every day, technology is being updated and upgraded and a lot more. So, for the professionals seeking a career in this field have to be updated as well. If you want to learn about JavaScript and start a career in this field then uCertify is the right destination for you. Get yourself enrolled in the Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript course and lab. The course offers interactive learning resources and provides understanding for all the basic and advanced concepts of JavaScripts.  Lab simulates real-world, hardware, software and command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course or training. The course is based on the objectives of the MTA 98-382 exam. 

Prepare for the MTA 98-382 exam with uCertify course and lab

Here is what you will learn in this study guide:

  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • HTML Forms
  • Controlling Flows
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Errors and Exceptions
  • Document Object Model
  • The Browser Object Model

The course comes with the following learning resources:

  • 32+ Lab
  • 10+ Lessons
  • 118+ Quizzes
  • 85+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-length Tests
  • 40+ Pre-assessments
  • 45+ Glossary of Terms
  • 85+ Post Assessments

About The 98-382 Exam

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams validate fundamental knowledge required for building a career using Microsoft technologies. This certification program provides an appropriate kick start to a future career in technology. The certification requires some prior knowledge about Microsoft technologies but not on the job practices.

The MTA 98-382 exam objectives are as follows:

  • Interact with HTML Forms (5-10%)
  • Interact with the Document Object Model (15-20%)
  • Implement and Analyze Decisions and Loops (20-25%)
  • Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions (25-30%)
  • Program with JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords (20-25%)

You must be excited about preparing for the certification exam, right? Then don’t waste your time and gear up your prep for the 98-382 exam with the uCertify course. The certification will help you enhance your career prospects.