The 77-601 test measures an individual’s ability to work with Microsoft Office Word 2007. Before taking the 77-601 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Apply templates.
  2. Apply Quick Styles.
  3. Customize themes.
  4. Create and modify headers and footers.
  5. Create, modify, and update tables of contents.
  6. Create, modify, and update indexes.
  7. Modify document properties.
  8. Insert document navigation tools.
  9. Customize Office Word 2007.
  10. Format text and paragraphs.
  11. Manipulate text.
  12. Insert page and section breaks.
  13. Insert illustrations.
  14. Format illustrations.
  15. Insert and modify WordArt.
  16. Insert Pull Quotes.
  17. Insert and modify drop caps.
  18. Insert and modify text boxes.
  19. Insert building blocks.
  20. Save frequently used data as building blocks.
  21. Create tables and lists.
  22. Modify list formats.
  23. Modify tables.
  24. Insert and format references and captions.
  25. Merge documents and data sources.
  26. Navigate documents.
  27. Compare and merge document versions.
  28. Manage tracked changes.
  29. Insert, modify, and delete comments.
  30. Prepare documents for sharing.
  31. Control document access.
  32. Attach digital signatures.

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