Check Out Rick Allison Feedback On CompTIA IT Fundamentals Course

Rick Allison is working as a Computer Laboratory Technician at Pasco-Hernando State College. He has more than 24 years of experience in the field of hardware and software technology. He is specialized in fixing broken computers, broken IT networks and broken IT security. He is skilled in various fields including troubleshooting, technical support, computer security, network security, cloud computing, system administration, and more. Rick holds the following certifications:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • IT Help Desk for Beginners
  • CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Certification

Recently, Rick reviewed our CompTIA IT Fundamentals course and provided the following feedback:

I recently had the opportunity to take a look at the uCertify CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ course. I am impressed with the course and its presentation. The course provides a complete understanding of the FC0-U61 exam objectives.

The chapters contain quizzes flashcards and exercises to test the understanding of the exam topics. I would give a 4 out of 5 stars to this course and recommend this to professionals as well.

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Thank you, Rick, for your valuable feedback. We are glad that you found our course helpful.

To know more about Rick Allison, contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

Check Out Taylor Parker’s Feedback On CompTIA IT Fundamentals Course

Taylor Parker is a hard-working and dedicated professional with several years of experience in IT Audit, Security, and Governance roles. He has a superior ability to provide high-end results to correct business restructure issues and to control IT Infrastructure to reduce security and fraud incidents. In addition, he can successfully manage international business projects across multiple levels of management. Currently, he is working as a Lead IT Compliance Auditor in ScanSource. Recently, Taylor reviewed uCertify CompTIA IT Fundamentals course and provided the following feedback:

Taylor Parker uCertify Review

For individuals, planning to go for CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification, uCertify course is very helpful.The course covers a wide range of topics and offers hands-on lab that provides a better understanding of the course material. 

I would like to thank uCertify for providing me access to the CompTIA ITF course material and for giving me the opportunity to provide feedback on this course. I recommend uCertify to the professionals preparing for CompTIA IT Fundamentals.

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Thank you Taylor for your valuable feedback. We are glad that you found our course helpful.

To know more about Taylor Parker, contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

Steps To Renew Your CompTIA Certification

CompTIA offers IT certifications that help start and grow your IT career. Find the right certification, from A+, Security+, Cloud Essentials, CySA+, and CASP, train for it with the uCertify courses and pass the exam in your first attempt. The CompTIA IT certs help you grow you as a successful IT professional with a great number of job opportunities. CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certifications are the starting point for a career in IT. They show employers you have the skills to do the job, regardless of the vendor hardware or software. You should keep the certification. Let’s start with understanding why keeping your certification current ensures longevity in your IT career. Second, know about the renewal processes and their requirements. This will help you choose the best-suited renewal path for you based on time, cost, and your long-term career goals. But don’t worry, if you ever have any questions about the CompTIA CE program, we’ll be here to help you out through every stage of the process. CompTIA Continuing Education Program allows you to simultaneously keep your skills current while validating your expertise. Renewing your certification helps you maximize your overall return on the time and financial resources you put forth to prepare for and pass your exam.

Steps To Renew Your CompTIA Certification

Every CompTIA certification requires a specific number of CEUs for renewal. You can earn CEUs by completing activities.

  • A+ Certification – 20 CEUs
  • CASP Certification – 60 CEUs
  • CySA+ Certification – 60 CEUs
  • Cloud+ Certification – 50 CEUs
  • Security+ Certification – 50 CEUs
  • Network+ Certification – 30 CEUs


There are three steps in the renewal process:

Step 1: Learn about the renewal process

Step 2: Choose your renewal path

Step 3: Submit your CEUs and renew

How to Earn CEUs

Your activities like sitting for the exam must meet the following requirements to qualify for CEUs:

  • Timing: Activities must be completed during your three-year renewal cycle.
  • Relevance: At least 50% of the activity content must relate to one or more exam objectives for the certification you’re renewing.
  • Documentation: You’ll need to provide documentation for the following activities to receive CEUs:
    • Earn Non-CompTIA IT industry certifications
    • Complete training and higher education
    • Participate in IT industry activities
    • Publish a relevant article, white paper, blog post or book
    • Gain related work experience

So, now when you have all the knowledge related to the CompTIA CEU and renewal procedures then you should renew your certification and have the CEUs. Prepare and pass the various CompTIA cert exams with the uCertify study guide to enhance your career prospects.

Pass CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam With uCertify Cert Guide

Kick start your career with an impressive IT certification. Our online courses will guide you for exam preparation with its online material. Gain hands-on expertise in CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam with FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamental course and performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The cert guide covers all the objectives of the FC0-U51 exam and provides expertise and technical knowledge required to identify and explain computer components, set up a basic workstation; conduct basic software installation; establish network connectivity and prevent security risks. Performance-based labs are versatile and easy to learn that offers hands-on learning with the real-world scenarios. The study guide contains live-labs as an add-on component. Live-lab is a real computer equipment, networked together and conveniently accessible over the Internet using virtualization. You can take them to enhance your learning experience.

Pass CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam With uCertify Cert Guide

Following are the topics covered in the study guide:

  • Security Treats
  • Mobile Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Applications
  • Security Best Practices
  • Configuring Workstations
  • Peripherals and Connectors
  • Core Hardware Components
  • Network Sharing and Storage
  • Computer Support and Backup
  • Environmental and Safety Concepts
  • Network Technologies and Wireless Routers

The course offers following learning resources:

  • 14+ Lessons
  • 72+ Quizzes
  • 20+ Live-labs
  • 240+ Exercises
  • 523+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-length Tests
  • 45+ Pre-assessments
  • 50+ post Assessments
  • 80+ Performance-based Labs

About The Exam

CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is designed to ensure the knowledge and proficiency to set up a basic workstation, identify and explain basic computer components, identify compatibility issues, conduct basic software installation, establish basic network connectivity, and identify/prevent basic security risks. CompTIA IT Fundamentals objectives are:

  • Security
  • Software installation and functions
  • Green IT and preventive maintenance
  • Compatibility issues and common errors
  • Technology and computer hardware basics

As you can see that the CompTIA Strata certification covers a vast domain that is demanded by all the IT industries these days. Enroll in the uCertify course for preparing and passing the exam in your first attempt.