Nobert Imaari is currently working as a Head of Data Engineering -ACS at DT One. He is an experienced EDW/BI specialist. He has worked in fields like banking, Telco, and Fintech sectors. He has already implemented/been involved in projects such as credit risk-based scoring, data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive analytics, and customer segmentation. He holds expertise in data processing, database administration, data mining/, shell and Perl scripting, SAS, and R Data miner. Nobert has the following IT certifications:

  • ITIL
  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate

He has recently reviewed our CIW Perl Specialist course and provided his valuable feedback. Please read it here:

Read Nobert Imaari’s Review On Our Python Course

“The CIW Perl Programming course helps you know everything you need to know about the Perl programming language. I liked the UI of the platform. It was very interactive and easy to use. 

The course is broken down into chapters. Each chapter contains quizzes at the end that are strictly based on the CIW 1D0-437 exam. I would recommend this to both beginners and professionals in the IT field.”

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Thank you, Nobert, we are glad to have your honest and valuable feedback on our course. 

To know more about Nobert Imaari, contact via his LinkedIn profile.

Get Certified For The 1D0-437 Exam With uCertify Course

Want to get the professional training of latest programming languages? Enroll in uCertify cert guide that offers hands-on learning to master popular programming languages, such as Java, PHP, C, JQuery, Perl, and a lot more. Kick start your prep for CIW Perl Specialist certification exam with 1D0-437 Perl Specialist course. The course covers all the objectives of the 1D0-437 exam and includes topics such as basic syntax and control structures needed to write Perl scripts; data types, flow control, arrays and hashes; regular expressions, and subroutines; database connectivity using Perl; reuse and export program code; implementing and creating object-oriented programming techniques in Perl; defining database programming; and much more and much more. Here are the following exam topics covered in the cert guide:

  • Arrays in Perl
  • Hashes in Perl
  • Subroutines in Perl
  • Flow Control in Perl
  • Object-oriented Perl
  • File Input and Output
  • Debugging Perl Programs
  • Regular Expression in Perl
  • Packages and Modules in Perl
  • Database Connectivity and Perl
  • Environment Variables and Command Line Arguments

The following are the resources added to the course:

  • 12+ Lessons
  • 36+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-length Tests
  • 50+ Pre-assessments
  • 36+ Glossary of Terms
  • 89+ Post Assessments

About The Exam

The CIW Perl Specialist cert exam includes use of regular expressions to search and manipulate strings; arrays to store and manipulate program data; hashes to organize and manipulate program data with keys; subroutines to make code more logical and easier to debug; files to store, read and write data; process command line and external data using environment variables and arguments; and many more. The CIW Perl Specialist certification is a part of the CIW Web Development Series Certification. The certification offers career prospects in the following fields:

  • Web developers
  • Desktop publishers
  • Software developers
  • Client/server developers
  • Application programmers

So, enroll in the uCertify course and start your prep today. Our professional skills training course provides skills to help you work through the challenges faced in the examination.