Data science is being used as a tool for guiding business decisions. The ability to extract knowledge from data is critical for a modern firm to be competitive, regardless of industry. Python® is a computer language that is at the forefront of data science. Python’s comprehensive modules have made it possible for data scientists to load, analyze, shape, clean, and visualize data in simple yet powerful ways. uCertify’s Using Data Science Tools in Python course teaches you the skills you’ll need to effectively use these important libraries to extract useful insights from data and, as a result, add significant value to the company. 

Students who want to improve their abilities to extract knowledge from corporate data should take this course. The target students for this course could be a programmer or data analyst interested in solving business problems with powerful programming libraries that go beyond the limitations of prepackaged GUI tools or database queries; libraries that give the data scientist more fine-tuned control over the analysis, manipulation, and preselection of data. The course comes with interactive lessons and hands-on labs. Lessons are fully responsive and come complete with flashcards, quizzes, glossary, knowledge checks, and many more. The lessons are designed to keep you engaged and make learning fun. The lab is a virtual environment created to allow you to experiment and apply your knowledge to real-life situations. It is also cost-effective as there is nothing to install, maintain, upgrade or support.

So, check out our Using Data Science Tools in Python course and start learning today!

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