Be a certified CyberSec First Responder with uCertify

uCertify offers CyberSec First Responder certification prep for IT professionals. The course covers network defense and incident response methods, tactics, and procedures that are in alignment with industry frameworks such as NIST 800-61r2, US-CERT’s NCIRP, and PPD-41 on Cyber Incident Coordination. It is beneficial for candidates who are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring and detecting security incidents in information systems and networks, and for executing standardized responses to such incidents. The course introduces tools, tactics, and procedures to manage cybersecurity risks, identify various sorts of common threats, evaluate the organization’s security, collect and analyze cybersecurity intelligence, and remediate and report incidents as they occur. This course provides a comprehensive way for individuals responsible for defending the cybersecurity of their organization.

Be a certified CyberSec First Responder with uCertify

This course is intended to help students in preparing for the CertNexus CyberSec First Responder (Exam CFR-310) certification examination. What you learn and practice during this course are often a big part of your preparation. This course and subsequent certification (CFR-310) also meet all requirements for personnel requiring DoD directive 8570.01-M position certification baselines:

  • CSSP Analyst
  • CSSP Auditor
  • CSSP Infrastructure Support
  • CSSP Incident Responder

This uCertify course comes with pre-assessment questions that will help you identify areas for improvement before you begin the course. It has interactive lessons and learning resources with flashcards, quizzes, and glossary terms. Practice tests in this course that closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. You will also receive post-assessment questions that will gauge your understanding and readiness in the course. Upon course completion you will know about:

  • Assessing information security risk
  • Managing vulnerabilities in the organization
  • Performing active asset and network analysis
  • Investigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents
  • Implementing penetration testing to evaluate the security
  • Collecting cybersecurity intelligence and analyzing log data
  • Analyzing attacks on computing and network environments
  • Analyzing reconnaissance threats to computing and network environments

So, start your prep and be a certified CyberSec First Responder today with uCertify!