uCertify has been recognized as SIIA CODiE finalist for LEARN in 3 categories:

  1. Best Education Cloud-based Solution
  2. Best Corporate / Workforce Learning Solution
  3. Best Postsecondary LMS or Learning Platform

uCertify is highly flexible cloud-based learning platform built by leveraging modern, scalable technologies. uCertify helps student retain and recall the knowledge by teaching students using interactive exercises. Features such as actionable analytics and study planner help in keeping students focused.  

Let’s see what customers said about uCertify LEARN.

 If you’re interested in acquiring industry certification in IT (Microsoft, CompTIA, Oracle, etc) but find it hard to locate a training class that fits either into your schedule or location, then accessing preparation materials online may be the option for you. There are a myriad of learning platforms available but one that stands out (with over 400 titles) is uCertify.com – Henry Osborne (Lecturer of Computer Science at Northern Caribbean University) 

 I can honestly say that this is one of the best platforms that can give you that broad scope of different opportunities to fully prepare for this exam. You can evaluate your current level of knowledge using quizzes, going through different trouble tickets and much more. The content is covered in very structured manner and contains some real life scenarios that you can face as network engineer. This kind of information you will not always find in Official Certification guides. – Taras Mochychuk (Associate Network Consulting Engineer at Dimension Data) 

 uCertify’s course layout allows you to test how much you know and understand each chapter and concept. You may then reread or watch the chapter and then move on. But I am sure if you put in the extra work and dedication you will be successful in the exam.  – Dain Daley (Systems Engineer at Fujitsu Caribbean) 

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