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Are you ready to master the exciting and complex world of modern storage technologies? uCertify’s comprehensive course & labs will cover all objectives for the Storage+ SGO-001 exam from CompTIA. It is ideal for modern IT professional. There are numerous ways to divide the IT landscape. One popular method breaks IT into three main areas: the first area is the compute resources themselves, client operating systems, and server operating systems. Then there is the “plumbing” that connects these compute resources — the network portion of IT. The third and final area is storage.

Knowledge of storage is becoming critical as end users expect seamless and Cloud-based storage options for everything from bank statements to family photos. uCertify course & labs allows you to master the DAS, NAS, and SAN infrastructures, and thoroughly explain the differences in these technologies. This course also permits you to design and support a Fibre Channel-based SAN. Finally, the course also details the latest in LAN and SAN convergence technologies, as well as the latest technologies of storage networks in general.

Our comprehensive study-prep helps you gain the required storage knowledge to build a successful IT career. Understanding how disk drives, flash memory, and storage arrays work is vital to understand how to design, implement, administer, and troubleshoot storage environments. The book also includes many real-world examples and simulated labs to help clarify concepts and show how they should be applied. Finally, the course covers all the objectives listed in the CompTIA Storage+ exam (SGO-001).

Prepare for the certification now and live your dream of being a Storage Manager, Storage Network Administrator, Storage Architect, Network Manager with a concentration on storage, Storage Security Manager, and Backup and Business Continuity Manager.

uCertify Storage+ Certification

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