Microsoft has specified more than thirty objectives for the 70-564 test. These objectives are grouped under six topics. Following are some important areas in which an individual should possess good knowledge before taking the 70-564 test:

  1. Choosing appropriate controls based on business requirements.
  2. Designing controls for reusability.
  3. Managing states for controls.
  4. Leveraging data-bound controls.
  5. Choosing appropriate validation controls based on business requirements.
  6. Identifying the appropriate usage of ASP.NET AJAX.
  7. Managing JavaScript dependencies with server controls.
  8. Designing complex layout with Master Pages.
  9. Planning for various user agents.
  10. Designing a brandable user interface by using themes.
  11. Designing site navigation.
  12. Planning Web sites to support globalization.
  13. Planning vendor-independent database interactions.
  14. Identifying the appropriate usage of data source controls.
  15. Leveraging LINQ in data access design.
  16. Identifying opportunities to access and expose Web services.
  17. Determining when to use the Web Site model vs. a Web Application Project.
  18. Establishing an error-handling strategy.
  19. Manipulating configuration files to change ASP.NET behavior.
  20. Identifying a deployment strategy.
  21. Designing a state management strategy.
  22. Identifying the events of the page life cycle.
  23. Writing HttpModules and HttpHandlers.
  24. Debugging ASP.NET Web applications.
  25. Planning for long-running processes by using asynchronous pages.
  26. Identifying appropriate security providers.
  27. Deciding which user-related information to store in a profile.
  28. Establishing security settings in Web.config.
  29. Identifying vulnerable elements in applications.
  30. Ensuring that sensitive information in applications is protected.

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