Microsoft has specified more than thirty objectives for the 70-504 exam, which are grouped under six topics. Following are some important areas in which an individual should possess good knowledge before taking the 70-504 exam:

  • Creating state machine workflows.
  • Creating sequential workflows.
  • Selecting workflow authoring mode.
  • Hosting a workflow and designer in an application.
  • Initializing and managing the workflow life cycle.
  • Modifying a workflow at runtime.
  • Handling events from a host.
  • Calling methods on a host.
  • Consuming services from a workflow.
  • Exposing workflow as a service.
  • Creating custom activities.
  • Creating custom composite activities.
  • Defining custom activity layout.
  • Adding dependency properties.
  • Communicating with a host from a custom activity.
  • Customizing activity serialization.
  • Writing rule sets.
  • Defining rule chaining, priority, and property dependency.
  • Changing rules at runtime.
  • Executing rule sets.
  • Implementing conditional branching logic.
  • Creating and managing transactional workflows.
  • Creating and handling compensations.
  • Enlisting batch process in a transaction.
  • Performing exception handling.
  • Handling cancellations.
  • Creating a runtime service.
  • Hydrating and dehydrating workflows.
  • Tracking workflows.
  • Monitoring workflows.

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