Adobe Illustrator CC (2014) is one of the most powerful tools for creating, editing, and deploying drawn digital graphics! uCertify’s illustrator course will provide you a step by step guide to look up to and subsequently it would help your skills getting refined and absolute.

Use uCertify’s Illustrator CC (2014) to make your work look like a magic not mess. The tools appear to be difficult to operate & use, but learning through the course makes a tough thing simpler and as easy as a piece of cake. The course is a 100% exam coverage comprising of an interactive e-book, pre-assessment, 100 practice questions with full explanations, 99 interactive quizzes, and much more.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’, so try using tools and techniques with the help of our course over and over again so you get used to them. Move through the course briskly, get command on the course and prepare for the certification exam. The journey with the course would be great and the results awesome.
Adobe Illustrator CC (2014)

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