Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 is the industry standard for enterprise Java computing. Utilize the new, lightweight Java EE 6 Web Profile to create next-generation web applications, and the full power of the Java EE 6 platform for enterprise applications. Developers will benefit from productivity improvements with more annotations, more POJOs, simplified packaging, and less XML configuration. The new Java Enterprise Edition 6 (EE6) exams are being released into production, effective today (February 21, 2011). If you participated in the beta exams, we appreciate your patience in awaiting your beta scores (there were some initial technical difficulties with these exams that delayed beta review and scoring). While most of the production exams are currently available and most of the beta scores have been mailed, they are not 100% completed. We expect all production exams to be available and all scores to be mailed tentatively by March 31, 2010. We appreciate your patience in receiving your beta scores as we work through some issues that have delayed the release of beta scores for two of these exams.

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