Q. What is the RH253 exam?
A. RH253, Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration is designed for those who desire to build skills at configuring and administering a Red Hat Linux server running key enterprise network services and security. Candidates planning to take the RH253 exam must have adequate knowledge of RH033, RH133, and working experience with Red Hat Linux. A person must have sufficient system administration knowledge to take the RH253 exam. To pass the RH253 exam, a candidate must have practical knowledge on commands used to configure common RHEL network services. This exam will benefit to those who already have some real world experience with Red Hat Linux systems administration.

Q. What are the prerequisites for the RH253 exam?
A. The prerequisites for RH253 exam are as follows:

  • A person who wants to take RH253 exam must have completed RH033, RH133 exams or he should have equivalent experience with Red Hat Linux.
  • He must have knowledge of LAN/WAN fundamentals or equivalent.
  • He must have knowledge of internetworking with TCP/IP or equivalent.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming RH253 certified?
A. After getting certification of RH253 you can become System Administrator who can setup a RHEL server and configure a common network server and configure common network services and security at basic level.

Q. What is the duration of the test?
A. RH253 is a lab exam that takes 5 and a half hours to complete. It is a performance-based exam, i.e. candidates must perform tasks on a live system.

Q. Which type of the test is it? (Adaptive/Linear)
A. The exam RH253 is in linear format.

Q. What is the passing score?
A. The candidate should get approximately 80% score to pass the exam.

Q. What is the test retake policy?
A. If you do not pass test RH253 the first time, no free retake is available for RedHat certification but you may retake it at any time.

Q. What are the skills being measured for the exam?
A. A person who is going to take the RH253 exam must have practiced the basic skills required to be a productive Red Hat Enterprise Linux user. These skills include File and directory operations, Installation of RHEL, Recover system, configuring Web services, configuring samba server, configuring network file sharing services, printing and email, basic networking tools, configuring network services etc. To know more about this, read “skills required for Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration (RH253)”.

Q. How should I prepare for the RH253 exam?
A. You can be sure of passing your RH253 exam: RH253, Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration exam with the help of our preparation kit (PrepKit). The new uCertify PrepKit for the RH253: Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration exam has been developed by experienced professionals and provide everything required for the preparation in a single package. The RH253 PrepKit comes with full-length practice tests containing realistic questions to help you in your preparations.

Q. Where to take the test?
A. The RH253 exam may be taken at Prometric testing facilities.

Q. How do I register for an exam?
A. To get information about registration, visit www.in.redhat.com

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