CompTIA’s Linux+ is a vendor-neutral certification specifically designed to certify technical entry-level skills required to pursue a network or system administrator job role in Linux environments. Its objectives are intended to measure a candidate’s ability to install, operate, and troubleshoot Linux operating systems.

What are the job roles for Linux+ certified professionals?

The job roles for Linux+ certified professionals typically include Network Administrator, System Administrator, and Network Technician.

What are the requirements for becoming a Linux+ certified professional?

Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, CompTIA recommends that you have at least six to twelve months of experience in managing and maintaining PCs running the Linux operating systems. You must pass the test XK0-002: Linux+ for becoming Linux+ certified.

What are the benefits of having the Linux+ certification?

Following are the benefits of becoming a Linux+ certified professional:

  • Linux+ certification is a vendor neutral certification, which validates skills on the Linux operating systems and specific technologies.
  • Professionals holding the Linux+ certification are preferred by the employers and also get preference in promotions.
  • Linux+ certification is helpful for professionals who have knowledge of Linux and related technologies to upgrade their credentials and to get recognition from the industry.
  • Linux+ certified professionals can find an appropriate job easily and get paid more.

How does this certification help employers?

It helps employers in hiring the right candidate for their organization. Hiring job candidates with Linux+ credentials assures employers that they are employing qualified professionals with proven proficiency in Linux environments.

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