According to Oracle, “Our certifications are tangible, industry-recognized credentials that can help you succeed in your IT career and provide measurable benefits to your employer. Oracle certifications are a reliable validation of training and experience that can accelerate your professional development, improve your productivity, and enhance your credibility. For IT professionals and managers, each Oracle certification level signifies a benchmark of experience and expertise recognized for its value and relevance in the IT industry. Today there are over 350,000 Oracle Certified Professionals worldwide.”

Indeed, the Oracle Certifications are the proof of your skills and knowledge of using Oracle’s popular business technologies, such as the Oracle DBMS. These certifications are one of the most demanded and respected credentials in the IT industry, especially in the database domain. The Oracle certification marks three levels of Oracle credentials in various disciplines, including database administration and application development. The three levels of Oracle certification from lowest to highest are:

Oracle Specialist (OCS) and Expert-level (OCE) certifications are also there for the selected Oracle technologies.

Along with passing the appropriate Oracle certification exam(s), Oracle requires certified candidates to attend instructor-led training and offer proof of attendance for most of its credentials. Oracle’s education mandate enhances the value of Oracle certificates by ensuring that candidates learn the important skills in the hands-on environment as opposed to just passing an Oracle certification exam.

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