The CIW v5 E-Commerce Designer (1D0-525) test focuses on standards, technologies, and practices for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce models. The CIW test 1D0-525 covers a range of Internet technologies. The candidate must understand and facilitate relationships among marketing, promotion, customer service, user interaction, purchasing methods, and secure transactions by using SSL and SET, payment gateways, inventory control, shipping and order information, and site performance testing and evaluation. Before taking the 1D0-525 test, you should practice the following:
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The Microsoft exam 70-291 measures an individual’s ability to implement, manage, and maintain a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. Before taking the 70-291 exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Configure TCP/IP addressing on a server.
  2. Manage DHCP clients and leases, DHCP Relay Agent, DHCP databases, DHCP scope options, reservations and reserved clients.
  3. Diagnose and resolve issues related to Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) and incorrect TCP/IP configuration.
  4. Diagnose and resolve issues related to DHCP authorization and verify DHCP reservation configuration.
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Nearly fifty eight objectives have been specified for 1z0-052 (Oracle Database 11g: Administration I) test. To appear for this certification test a candidate must posses a sound knowledge about the architecture of Oracle. One must also know Oracle’s architectural components and database structure before taking the test. One should also be capable of managing storage structures within a database in order to keep the database up to date. Practicing the following things can help a candidate clearly understand these points and pass the test confidently:

  1. Know Oracle product family.
  2. Explain Relational structures.
  3. Understand the SQL language.
  4. Describe the single-instance architecture.
  5. Explain the memory structures.
  6. Describe the process structures.
  7. Identify the tools for administering an Oracle database.
  8. Plan an Oracle database installation.
  9. Install the Oracle software by using Oracle.
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The Microsoft test 70-447 measures your ability to design the infrastructure of database servers and databases, and to optimize, manage, and administer SQL Server databases. It covers a range of database technologies. You must understand the ways of planning to install database servers and databases, and know about the cost of hardware and software resources to develop the infrastructure. You should also consider the security of the database servers and usage of SQL Server services and objects. It requires you to have a good knowledge of the SQL Server objects and troubleshooting issues related to SQL Server. Before taking the 70-447 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Use capacity planning to plan the infrastructure.
  2. Know the hardware and the software resources to be used.
  3. Know the installation of the default and named instances.
  4. Analyze the security requirements on the basis of server-level, database-level, and schema-level.
  5. Know the procedures for creating databases and database objects.
  6. Know the strategy for creating high-availability for a business.
  7. Know replication and its types.
  8. Know about database mirroring.
  9. Know about log shipping.
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The certification test for Oracle 11g Database SQL Fundamental (1Z0-051) requires a profound knowledge of developing a database. Oracle certifications are considered to be the hottest credentials in the database world. To clear the exam of 1Z0-051, you must be well versed with the objectives specified for the test. Practicing especially in the following areas will definitely help raise your level of confidence:

  • Use the SELECT statement along with its various functions.
  • Use conversion functions.
  • Create schema objects.
  • Use the GROUP function with all its possible clauses.
  • Use SQL and iSQL*Plus statements.
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The CIW test 1D0-435 is intended to certify users for the JavaScript Fundamentals. The test is designed to check your ability to use the JavaScript syntax. It requires you to have a good knowledge of the JavaScript language and the ability to write code for making interactive Web pages. Before taking the 1D0-435 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Create and manage variables.
  2. Test the scope of variables.
  3. Use different types of JavaScript operators (Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison etc.)
  4. Use decision-making with the help of the if and switch statements.
  5. Use different kinds of loops (for, while, and do-while).
  6. Create and invoke functions.
  7. Use comments.
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The CIW test 1D0-470 is designed to certify users who have prior experience using the Internet on a personal computer running the Microsoft Windows or UNIX/Linux operating systems. The CIW test 1D0-470 covers implementing security policy, identifying security threats, and developing countermeasures using firewall systems and attack-recognition technologies. Before taking the 1D0-470 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Implement network perimeter security and elements of an effective security policy.
  2. Implement encryption, including the three main encryption methods used in internetworking.
  3. Implement firewalls on the network.
  4. Firewall system planning including levels of protection.
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The 70-305 test measures an individual’s ability to develop and implement Web applications using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Before taking the 70-305 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Create an ASP.NET page and set control properties.
  2. Create a simple Web service, set a Web reference to it in an ASP.NET application, and return a simple value.
  3. Use ADO.NET objects in an ASP.NET page to retrieve data into a DataSet.
  4. Use ADO.NET objects in an ASP.NET page to retrieve data from a DataSet into an XML document. Use an XSD schema to validate the data.
  5. Enable the ASP.NET Session Service.
  6. Use an existing COM component created in Visual Basic 6.0 in an ASP.NET page.
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The CompTIA test N10-003 is intended to certify networking technicians with eighteen to twenty-four months of experience. Attaining Network+ certification indicates that you know how to configure and install a TCP/IP client on the network. The CompTIA test N10-003 covers a range of networking technologies. Before taking the N10-003 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Identify networking media and connectors.
  2. Identify and work on different networking components.
  3. Create a network of two computers.
  4. Know various ports.
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Design tests are always tricky and require some experience. There is not a whole lot you can do to prepare for this test other than have the experience with SQL Server 2000. So, in order to practice, you should think up an application requirement, design a database, and play with it using Enterprise Manager and Transact-SQL. And, you must not forget to check out the new features of SQL Server 2000. You can also do the following to practice the 70-229 test:

  1. Install and uninstall SQL Server 2000.
  2. Create a database, tables, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures, and functions.
  3. Insert, update, and delete data using Transact-SQL statements
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