Ettore Galluccio has over 18+ years of experience in the Information Technology Domain. He has worked mainly with organizations operating in the Defense and Telecommunications sector taking care of the design, implementation, and delivery of complex information systems. For over five years he has been actively involved in Global Practices and Cybersecurity, especially with regard to ISO / IEC 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and IS Governance, both in the formation and dissemination of the “Security Culture” and in the implementation and monitoring activities. He has constantly engaged in training and specialization and has multiple international certifications. He is also an official trainer for EXIN courses.

He recently accessed our CHFI v8 – Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

“The has courses for just about any certification you can think of doing which guarantees success in the exam. Learn, Practice, and Track! The learning features are provided by an interactive textbook, study notes, flash cards, How-to-dos, exercises and much more.  The pattern of the uCertify course is just similar to the real exam.”

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user experience. You can check out the complete post here. To know more about Mr. Ettore Galluccio, you can contact him via his LinkedIn profile.