There can be two goals when you plan for CompTIA A+ exams:

1. Gain the skills needed for a successful career as a computer and IT support professional.
2. Develop the knowledge and skills needed to pass the two CompTIA A+ exams to earn the A+ Certification.

Here are a few tips that will help you be well prepared for the exams:

Tip 1: Understand the CompTIA A+ Exam Objective

Make a note of the CompTIA Exam Objectives and understand it thoroughly to plan out your study. The course objectives will  serve as an ultimate checklist for your studies.

Tip 2: Be curious to learn about the interiors of a computer
Knowing what the inside of a computer looks like and how all the parts connect to each other is very important. Take apart a computer, and practice taking adapter cards out of the computer, unscrewing hard drives and optical drives, and examining individual components. This works best if you have a desktop computer, and preferably one that you can use for practice (not the main computer you need for day-to-day use, or the one you are using to complete your online computer training course). Become familiar with the cabling, connectors, and how everything fits together.

Tip 3: Register for additional study resources available on the Internet
It is advisable to supplement your studies with additional online resources. Good review materials can be found for free online, and include tutorials, video clips, pictures, and other resources to help provide a well-rounded approach to your studies. It is wise to go for comprehensive e-learning solution that offers practice tests, simulators, lesson and video tutorials to pass CompTIA  A+  exams.

Tip 4: Practice!
With uCertify’s pre-assessment, post-assessment, quizzes, flashcards, and practice test you get ample opportunities to prepare and practice for the exams. Additionally, with Review mode you can learn while you practice for the exam.

If you follow these 4 simple test, you are sure to perform well in the exam. On the day of the test, get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy meal before taking the test, arrive a few minutes early, and go in with a positive attitude. You will want to schedule both sections of the exams back to back on the same day. Be confident in your first “gut reaction” to the questions, and try and eliminate possible answers through the  process of elimination. By narrowing down the choices, you can focus on the remaining choices to help select the best answer.

By following these simple steps you will find yourself well prepared for the test. Passing the CompTIA A+ exams and earning the CompTIA A+ Certification will be great for your resume and your career and will give you the knowledge and credentials needed for a successful career as a computer technician and an IT support professional.


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