Java is the number 1 development platform and 3 billion plus devices run on Java.

The certification validates your expertise and enhances your skills by reducing developmenttime and by gaining greater flexibility in your programming. Earning one of these certifications helps you cultivate in demand Java programming skills that will serve you well in a competitive job market. Here are other reasons to consider it:


  1. Higher Earning Potential - Certified individuals usually earn more income than their non-certified peers as the certification adds credibility to their resumes. For instance, a Java application developer has an earning potential of USD 105,000 on average whereas Senior Java developer can make up to USD 106,000 while android developer can easily aim for USD 111,000 based on their skills and expertise.
  2. Highly Recognized Certifications in the Industry – There are 800,000 Java certified professionals worldwide. Oracle offers a complete certification path for Java from an Associate level to Master level, so based on your skills and years of experience you can validate your credentials with the certification.
  3. Addresses Knowledge and Skill Gaps – Certification preparation can help you round out your skill set. It highlights the area of improvement and enhances your current skill set.
  4. Enhanced Performance - Java certification has a positive impact on improving organizational performance, as per the study conducted by IDC:
  • Teams with 50% of team members certified on relevant Java technologies and processes perform at the top tier of operational performance.
  • Team performance improves dramatically when more than 50% of the team is certified.
  • Having 50% of a development team certified in Java can improve performance in application development by more than 40%.

Training, and ultimately certification, is critical to improving overall IT performance. So start your preparation now to flaunt your expertise!

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