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OCP: Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional

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OCP: Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional Certification

Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional certification program designed to ensure the knowledge and proficiency to develop your career as an expert in building database-centric Internet applications. Oracle Database PL/SQL Certified Professional, will make you ready to fully exploit the most advanced features of PL/SQL from performance to maintainability and to application code architecture. Professionals will be able to provide guidance at a more strategic level, thereby offering much higher value to your company and the marketplace. The Oracle OCP PL/SQL certification exam offers a complete, integrated set of application development tools that support any development approach, technology platform, or operating system. You will gain thorough knowledge of PL/SQL language, its architecture, features, interactions with the SQL engine, programming constructs and datatypes. Passing the exam validates your knowledge of subjects such as complex data types, dynamic cursors, external procedures, security features and considerations, and performance related features such as caching, parallel execution and profiling. Prove fluency in and a solid understanding of the skills required to fully leverage PL/SQL as part of the foundation of any application built on top of Oracle Database.

uCertify provides Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional study guide for 1Z0-061 and 1Z0-146 exams that covers all the topics and concepts as per the exam objectives.

Requirements for OCP: Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional Certification

To become Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional, candidate must hold the certifications listed below or pass any one of the exam mentioned below.

Candidate must hold any one of following certifications:

Or candidate must pass one of following exams:

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Rakshit Goyal
Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals by uCertify is one of the most user-friendly courses having images to understand the logical model (ERP), videos with transcripts to read throughout the video. They have text material as well if you like to read rather than watching videos and these texts are as rich-featured as Oracle 12c. I highly recommend this course to all those who have experience with SQL.