Microsoft’s MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification on Windows Server 2003 is one of the most popular Microsoft certifications today. The MCSE 2003 certification has been designed for professionals who analyze the business requirements and design and implement the infrastructure solutions for businesses based on the Microsoft Windows OS clients and Windows 2003 Server operating systems.

What are the job roles for MCSE certified professionals?

The job roles for those pursuing the MCSE certification typically include systems engineers, technical support engineers, systems analysts, network analysts, and technical consultants.

What are the prerequisites for becoming an MCSE?

There are no prerequisites for the MCSE 2003 certification, and you can go for it if you have experience working in complex computing environments of medium to large organizations.

What are the requirements for becoming an MCSE?

To become MCSE certified, you have to pass six mandatory core exams and one elective exam. The core exams are divided into four Networking Systems exams, one Client Operating Systems exam, and one Design exam.

Take these four core Networking System exams:

Choose one core Client Operating Systems exam:

Choose one core Design exam:

MCSE Certification Elective Exams – Choose one elective exam:

Note: If you have chosen exam 70-297 for the MCSE Design exams, you cannot choose it again as an elective. The same is true for the 70-298 exam.

What are the benefits of achieving the MCSE certification?

The following are the benefits of becoming an MCSE:

  • Microsoft operating systems are the most widely used operating systems today, and the MCSE certification proves expertise on the Microsoft products and technologies.
  • Professionals holding the MCSE certification are preferred by their employers and get preference in promotions.
  • The MCSE certification is helpful for professionals who have entry-level certifications in related technologies to upgrade their credentials and get recognition from the industry.
  • MCSE certified professionals can find jobs easily and get paid more.
  • And most importantly, on an average, an MCSE certified person gets 20% more salary than those who are not certified.

How does this certification help employers?

It helps employers hire the right candidates for their organization. Hiring job candidates with MCSE credentials assures employers that they are employing qualified professionals with proven proficiency in Microsoft technologies.

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