Defense Directive 8570.1

Frequently Asked Questions

h3. What is Department of Defense Directive 8570.1?

Technology has changed the ways of fighting the war. New developments in the war strategy require the effective utilization of Internet, blogging, and other communication mediums. With this vision in mind the U.S. army has made it mandatory for all its military service members having privileged access to its DoD information systems, to be adept in working on computers operating system. They are required to obtain a commercial information security credential accredited by ANSI or equivalent authorized body by the end of year 2010 for maintaining their jobs. The main focus of this Directive is to inculcate the knowledge and skills for preventing attacks against DoD information, information systems, and information infrastructures.

h3. Job Roles for Defense Directive 8570.1

This directive is equally valid for Information Assurance Technical (IAT) and IA Management (IAM) personnel in order to perform the task of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information systems. Those pursuing this course includes personnel's responsible for the information assurance and security posture of the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII), IT Engineers who implement DoD IA architecture, and Computer Network Defense officers.

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h4. Defense Directive 8570.1 certifications:

h5. IAT Level 1

h5. IAT Level 2

h5. IAT Level 3

h5. IAM Level 1

h5. IAM Level 2

h5. IAM Level 3

h5. CND Analyst

h5. CND Infrastructure Support

h5. CND Incident responder

h5. CND Auditor

h5. CND SP-Manager

  • CISM

h5. IASAE Level 1

h5. IASAE Level 2

h5. IASAE Level 3