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CEP Certification Certification

The CEP certification (Certified e-Business Professional) is a vendor neutral, mid level certification that validates your skills and knowledge in e-commerce and related technologies that helps you create the most appropriate e-Business solution to cater to the global economy. EC-Council's CEP Exam is suitable for business professionals who want to have an understanding of e-Business systems and procedures.

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The EC-Council certification, is designed to stand on definitions of job functions and skill sets in the three key areas: technical expertise, content resource management, and business process management. These definitions have been developed by a broad coalition of industry and academic experts, and the skill set definitions have been adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor.

There are six different exams mentioned by EC-Council. These are Customer Relationship Management Exam (212-16), Cyber Marketing (212-51), E-Business Security Exam (212-25), Knowledge Management Exam (212-69), Supply Chain Management Exam (212-27), and Project Management in IT Security (312-38). You need to pass any one of these exams to get EC-Council CEP Certified. However 312-38 exam is also required to get EC-Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA) certification.

Requirements for the EC-Council e-Business Professional certification

There is no specific requirement for EC-Council CEP or Certified e-Business Professional certification.