Little Touches

Modules work seamlessly
Practice, Assignments, Book, Analytics, Notes, QA, go from one module to others seamlessly without losing the context

Be Social
Communicate with your study group, teacher or even with your friends

La-TeX spoken here
Support for La-TeX

Page Tour
Help when you need it.

Rate content
As you review content, you can rate it and provide feedback to author

Deep Linking
Jump to any chapter, section, object and topic, even from outside of our platform, deeply integrate us with your LMS

Use as a LMS or Export grades to your LMS
Use uCertify as a stand-alone learning management tool, or integrate it with your existing LMS. You can export student grades from uCertify to your LMS.

Speed is a feature and we are dead serious about it

Google Apps Integration
Integrate with Google Apps & Google MarketPlace

Integrate with your systems
uCertify makes it easy to integrate with your student management system or with other learning management systems. Your tech folks will want to if we support oAuth, LTI and API based integration. Tell'em we do them all.

Our SAAS solution translates to a zero installation, hassle free environment that is available 247. Let us handle the technology behind your courses. From account management, to student dashboards, to technology upgrades, high availability, disaster recovery and more. Best of all, start as small and grow as much as you want without overheads or scaling headaches. A few dozen or thousands of students, we have the know-how, infrastructure, and support team to help your online learning grow as slowly or as fast as you wish.

Scale to millions of learners
Our platform is architected from the ground up for performance and scalability. Redundancy measures ensure high availability.