Interactive Ebook

Interactive e-Book
Students will enjoy all learning with the interactivity provided by videos, images, charts & graphs, step by step tutorials, practice questions, flash cards, quizzes, bookmarking, notes, annotation, highlight and more - making for a truly engaging learning experience.

Study Notes
Filter content by type, this is where you can see all "how tos" in one page

Flash Cards
Every study note is automatically available as flash card to help improve your learning

How To...
A step by step process

Keywords and Glossary
List of all definitions, in one page

Multiple Content types to keep you engaged
Eleven (and counting) content type to learn engaged

Image Slider
Sequence of images, when one image is not enough.

Embed high quality images that are automatically re-sized based on your screen size

Microsoft PowerPoint
Don't let your class lectures in Microsoft PowerPoint go to waste, embed them in your course

Practice Tests
Did you really understand, find out.

Several uCertify courses are enriched with targeted videos to illustrate key concepts. Students can play them as often as they wish, fast forward, rewind or pause, to learn at their own pace.

uCertify platform is ADA compliant and its courses can also be accessible via Text-to-speech. It converts text into spoken words.

In transcripts, each word is clickable. You can clip a specific part of the video by clicking on a word or a portion of the text.

Speed Controller in Videos
Speed controller in videos facilitates easy navigation in videos by increasing or decreasing the speed of the video.