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For Educators

Use our off-the-shelf (OTS) Course Library
Hundreds of complete, easy-to-navigate, courses in the areas of Information Technology, College Level, and College Prep courses. uCertify's breadth and depth of subject matter expertise also allows us to create new courses in a very short period of time.

Customize your course to fit your needs
Customize off the shelf offerings to meet the unique needs of your school or class.

Competency based Courses
Clear, concise objectives that describe what you are supposed to know or be able to do, by the end of the course. These are the standards against which you will be measured.

Know your students
Know who is doing fine and who needs help

Super Grade book
Student assignment, roster and activities, all rolled into one screen. The student roster also shows the progress of an entire class or an individual student. Powerful analytics help you identify and reduce learning gaps. Students needing attention are highlighted in red. You can also check student activity and progress. Provide feedback and guidance with custom tests and assignments.

Open enrollment and Continuous Courses
Days of teaching a batch of students are fading fast.... but you can still do it if you want to.

Real Time Feedback for Educator
Track everything from performance on practice tests to time spent studying

The Design tab enables to customize the course or section as per the requirement of the instructor.

The Invite tab facilitates instructor to invite students to access a course or section.

The Resource tab allows the instructor to download the resources, such as course-slides, answer-keys, and other reference or study materials related to the course.

Setup enables to design, modify, and manage different sections or a course.

uCertify provides a comprehensive tool to track the students' performance efficiently.

Teach a class
Have it your way, fixed dates or open enrollment. Online or blended.

Continuous Assessment
Prove mastery of material
Everyone can succeed with practice
Reduces the anxiety and finality
Focus on learning and not competition
Students remain engaged and progress at their own pace
Students seek their own course and take responsibility for learning
Increased self-awareness for students
Refine our understanding of the content taught to students

Targeted reinforcement
Strong set of predefined and customizable assessments and quizzes for each module to guide student learning and support acceleration

Teaching is a team sport
We understand that you may have a TA or two to help out with the grading. Perhaps even an external expert for special evaluations. uCertify can handle that via full customizable access levels - Teaching Assistant, Teacher, Course Coordinator or manager.

Test Analysis (Instructor)
Instructor can analyse questions attempted by his students through test analysis. The students who have answered correctly will be highlighted in green color and the others will be indicated with red.