World Class Analytics

Assignment Status
How are you doing on each assignment

Know your students
Know who is doing fine and who needs help

Live Table of Contents
Outcome based, Drill down to see details and check your progress against it.

Performance on Practice Tests
Your performance, see how you did on each item

Progress Report
Your practice history, you will be able to review, retake or view your results here

Study Planner
Your plan for getting the outcomes you want, keeping you on track and providing a checklist, all rolled into one

Actionable Analytics - what gets measured, gets done
Measure every single aspect of your studies; teachers can measure at class level or drill down to see student performance

Your Readiness
Check your readiness and time spent.

Partial Grading
Partial Grading allows you to assign marks for each item/question, so that students get partial marks, when they choose an option which is close to being the correct answer.