Pass Your Test

An optional pre-course assessment provides you and/or your teacher a basic idea of what your current level is for the course. Use this information to personalize a learning plan for yourself, or in the case of a teacher, for their class or individual student.

Test Sets
Because Practice help you test yourself and make you more focused and engaged. After all it 's the outcome that matters. We certainly do make it painless. Three effective learning modes (learn, test and review) ensure you achieve mastery of concept quickly.

Test your understanding by taking a quiz. Learn one bite at a time.

Mock Finals
As a student, you probably have an exam (or two, or ten!) lurking in your future. When you feel you have had sufficient practice across the course, and your scores in the practice assessments confirm this, take the mock final to see gauge your final course readiness. Score well on it, and feel good about tackling the actual final.

Multiple Test modes
We provide practice questions that closely follow exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. It has three modes: Learn, Test, and Review.

Learn Mode: You can attempt the questions with immediate feedback. You will get the explanation of the questions promptly and understand the question content without generating a score report.

Test Mode: You are required to attempt and answer the questions under the exam conditions. You will get to know the answers only after ending the test. This helps in better understanding of the subject and hence a better learning outcome.

Review Mode: You can attempt the questions in this mode after completing the test to improve your score. In this mode, you can review each question with its answer and explanation.

Hint: This feature is available in our Maths courses to provide you the clue to the right answer. If you have the doubts regarding a particular question, you can get the hint and it will become easier for you to solve the problem.

Test Options
Over 15 test options to select from, you can define a practice or test just the way you want.

Practice questions with full explanations
Every test item comes with full explanation to help you learn better and keep you engaged

References tie back to Syllabus
Every piece of content ties back to syllabus, to give you a context

Outcomes focused learning
We are focused, very focused in teaching and ensuring that you learn

PrepEngine provides a different set of questions to prepare for exam in the test environment.

Lab Showing Explanation with Green/Red
The explanation line for lab items will appear in red and green colors. The red color refers to missed steps and green color refers to correct steps.