Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity Pearson uCertify Labs

Here's what you will get

Performance lab

Here's what you will learn

Hands on Activities (Labs)

  • Installing Kali Linux  
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Installing CentOS
  • Managing Files using Command Line
  • Using Shell Features
  • Compressing Files
  • Getting Help using man Command
  • Getting Help using info Command
  • Editing Files using the Vim Editor
  • Troubleshooting Linux Issues
  • Configuring User Notifications
  • Managing Group Accounts
  • Managing Group Administrators
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Securing User Accounts
  • Configuring sudo
  • Developing an Account Security Policy
  • Testing the Security of Accounts
  • Managing File Permissions
  • Managing Special Permissions
  • Enabling Access Control Lists
  • Managing File Ownership and Attributes
  • Monitoring Security Issues with SELinux
  • Creating Partitions and Filesystems
  • Mounting Filesystems at Boot
  • Managing Swap Devices
  • Managing Encrypted Filesystems
  • Managing Hard and Soft Links
  • Configuring Samba
  • Administering NFS
  • Backing Up a Filesystem
  • Developing a Backup Security Policy
  • Managing crontab
  • Configuring at Commands
  • Bash shell script for system info
  • Bash shell script for validating user input
  • Script to Perform System Check
  • Script That Will Back Up All The Files
  • Securing crontab and at
  • Creating an Automation Security Policy
  • Standard Ports for the Protocols
  • Understanding Network Configuration on CentOS
  • Understanding Network Configuration on Ubuntu
  • Configuring a BIND Server
  • Configuring a Postfix Server
  • Configuring and Administering an Apache Server
  • Configuring a Proxy Server
  • Configuring an FTP Server
  • Administering an SSH Server
  • Administering Kernel Security Parameters
  • Securing a System with TCP Wrappers
  • Configuring Network Time Protocol
  • Creating a Networking Security Policy
  • Managing System Processes
  • Displaying System Information
  • Managing Log Files
  • Configuring Log Rotation
  • Managing Software Packages with rpm 
  • Managing Software Packages with yum
  • Managing Software Packages with dpkg  
  • Configuring GRUB Security
  • Managing the Startup Process
  • Exploring Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure Reports
  • Managing and Securing Legacy Services
  • Using Probing Tools
  • Scanning the Network
  • Configuring Linux Firewall using iptable   
  • Examining an Intrusion Detection Security Policy 
  • Configuring fail2ban
  • Encrypting Files with gpg
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Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity Pearson uCertify Labs
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