PHP and MySQL Web Development

Gain skills and expertise in Web development with PHP and MySQL Web Development performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The labs offer hands-on experience on the topics like sorting and retrieving data; designing and creating Web database; administrating and programming advanced MySQL; generating images; social media integration and authentication; building a shopping cart; and many more. The labs covers all the concepts related to Web development and help you become a Web developer.

Here's what you will get

Performance lab
Learn the real world skills using LIVE LABS

Here's what you will learn

Hands on Activities (Labs)

  • Creating a form
  • Creating a dynamic form
  • Declaring constants
  • Using arithmetic operators
  • Concatenating string
  • Using ternary operator
  • Using type operator
  • Creating a complete output form
  • Using if statement
  • Using if-else statement
  • Using switch statement
  • Using while loop
  • Using for loop
  • Using foreach loop
  • Using dowhile loop
  • Opening and reading a file
  • Creating an array
  • Inserting and retrieving values from array using foreach loop
  • Creating multidimensional array
  • Sorting an array
  • Generating a random value
  • Loading arrays from file
  • Splitting strings with regular expressions
  • Reusing code
  • Creating a function
  • Using pass by reference
  • Reversing a string using recursion and iteration
  • Creating an instance of a class
  • Implementing function overriding
  • Implementing static methods
  • Generating a fizzbuzz sequence
  • Creating a user-defined Exception class
  • Implementing error handling
  • Inserting values into a table
  • Retrieving all the attribute values using asterisk
  • Retrieving the data from multiple tables
  • Retrieving the data in a sorted order
  • Using Aggregate functions
  • Using the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses
  • Retrieving the limited rows from the table
  • Using the NOT IN operator
  • Updating the table
  • Modifying the table definition
  • Dropping the table
  • Declaring a basic stored procedure
  • Declaring a stored function
  • Using Cursors and Loops
  • Creating a trigger
  • Implementing simple authentication mechanism
  • Creating an HTML form for file upload
  • Displaying the uploaded files
  • Displaying the directory list of the uploaded files
  • Verifying URL and email address
  • Creating a simple line graph
  • Creating a simple session
  • Creating functions using jquery
  • Listing the extensions available to PHP
  • Declaring a custom error handler
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PHP and MySQL Web Development
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