Here are the latest LTI and Gradebook Syncing enhancements:

LTI and Gradebook Syncing Enhancements

We have introduced the option to block grade syncing of any organization for administrators. The send outcome functionality’s restriction has been modified. The send_outcome=1 function is no longer required to allow grade syncing of any organization. We have also added switches on the Sync Grade Via New Method toggle button via the org config area to implement this feature.

Our codes have been improved and optimized. We have also centralized and refactored all the codes related to grade syncing for a better user experience.

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Here are the latest updates made in our Mobile App:

Check Out The Latest Improvements In Our Mobile App

1. Interactive Item Compatibility In The Lab 

Students can now perform the interactive items added in the lab with this updated feature. The update is compatible with the interactive items and we have improved the UI of the platform accordingly. Students can now perform all their tasks and sync when they’re finished. A student can check their performance on the web once it is synced. This new feature will enhance a student’s learning experience without any incompatibility issues.

2. Image Annotation

This update has been made for the interactive images added in the courses. These images are now compatible with the mobile app. Students can take advantage of this feature and have an interactive learning experience.

So, check out these features by using uCertify Mobile App!

uCertify has updated its Instructor tools and SMART APP for students and instructors. Explore them below:

Explore uCertify Latest Platform Updates

uCertify SMART App: 

  • uCertify SMART App is now updated for making students up to date latest smartphone technologies. The SMART App is now updated with the latest Android version Android Pie. The updated app works smoothly on the iOS and Android devices, not any issues are reported until now for our app.
  • The SMART App now has the option to permanently hide the rating modal box that has been introduced for students. 
  • Also, students can now distinguish between bookmarks, confidence, and notes added by them within the chapters as the SMART App introduced color highlight option on different dots for different options.

Access Code Details for Instructors:

This update enables instructors to view access code details via Invite tab drop-down. The tab shows the details such as the name of the person who ordered the access code, date on which it was ordered, course name, permission, order number, last enrolled user, last used date, and access code status. Instructors can also view the enrollment details under a particular access code via Action drop-down. 

With this update, instructors can easily get all the details related to the access code at one place which was not available to them earlier.

So, enhance your learning experience by logging into uCertify!

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