How Technology Is Affecting Career Choices


Technology moves fast! Will your dream job still be around in ten years’ time? What skills are employers currently on the hunt for?

In this fast-growing world, you need be extraordinary and highly-skilled so that you can cope up with the latest technological advancements and modifications. You need be self-motivated, adaptable to the situation for surviving in the cut-throat competition. You have to be updated with the technological changes to keep your career moving. This is the least you should familiarize yourself with by next year.

Let’s take an example of mobile application development, if you’re stuck in your cube editing Java 1.3 code or messing with PowerBuilder, you are probably working in an area of the country where you are the only employee. Keeping these things into account we have to figure out what we need to learn, or at least become updated with, just to keep our careers on track. It’s also useful to have expertise in HTML5 & CSS3, and Javascript frameworks including jQuery and BootStrap. Now the question is that on what criteria you will select the technology. There are a few points you can take into account while selecting the technology:


  • It must be a highly in demand skill so that you can have a great career opportunity with good earning potential.
  • It must be growing faster than the number of skilled workers so that the job market doesn’t get saturated.
  • It must be international and needed all around the world.
  • It must be a skill that is able to be picked up without going to school or boot camp which makes you pay a ton of money for a diploma.
  • It must be a skill useful many years into the future.


Taking all the above things into account, you can choose the technological skills needed in today’s job market. Choose the correct technical field wisely trending in the job market, boost up the skills with the uCertify IT learning platform to enhance your career prospects.


In today’s world, it has become the most important thing for businesses to have an online presence for reaching a wider range of audience. You need an awesome Website for that, providing visibility to your business. Because of the excessive use of smartphones, making your website mobile optimized is a huge responsibility. This will help you increase traffic and potential with an easy and quick access. Here, HTML5 and CSS3 come into picture. They are the most popular modern website development tools that will help you build an interactive and user-friendly website with good navigation and functionality across various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Let us first introduce you to the HTML5 and CSS3.

Build Your Website With HTML5 & CSS3

What is the first thing that brings visitors to your website? It is the design, colors, background, content representation and navigation that stick visitors to your website. Thus, to provide captivating experience to your customers, you need to have an exceptionally designed website to differentiate yourself from your competitors. And to have a so-called “good website” you need the correct web development tools that can help you design an exclusive and unique website.

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML language that comes with a lot of improvements, offering better and more innovative ways to meet the increasing demand for sophisticated cross-device and cross-browser websites. CSS deals with the look and style of the web content written in the markup language. Here are some of the benefits of having HTML5 and CSS3 website:

  • Offline Browsing
  • High Page Ranking
  • Easy navigation and Attractive
  • Multi-purpose and Multi-browser Support

You must be excited about learning the skills of Web development and designing, then we are here to help you with our Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 course. The study guide is designed to fulfill all your requirements and covers the essential knowledge related to coding. The course provides skills in HTML5, CSS3, New structural elements, transformation, transition, animation, and many more. The course gives you the real-world experience with the help of interactive lessons, labs, test-prep, exercises, and a lot more learning resources. Make your learning more interesting with uCertify.