The computer programming field has emerged as a great area of innovation, research, and opportunity in the last 2-3 decades. This field has an endless number of career opportunities and is constantly growing. All organizations demand software engineers, programmers, and developers all across the world. If you are thinking about building a career in computer science then this is probably the best time to do it. There are numerous options available for you to pursue in the world of computer programming. So, whether you like writing code or using your programming knowledge to help drive overall business decisions, there are computer programming jobs out there.  

Career Opportunities Offered In Computer Programming Field

Let’s learn a little bit about some computer programming job roles so that you can choose the best for you. 

1. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and testing computer components. Computer hardware engineers must have the perseverance to perform comprehensive tests of systems to ensure the hardware is functioning properly. Surveys have shown that Computer Hardware Engineers earn a median income of USD 115,120.

2. Computer Network Architect

Computer Network Architects design, implement and maintain networking and data communication systems. They also take care of the required data sharing and communications for organizations. According to the surveys, Computer Network Architects earned a median income of USD 104,650.

3. Software Developer

Software Developers create software programs for performing specific tasks on computers and various mobile devices. They perform various tasks from development to testing and maintenance. The average salary offered to a Software Developer is USD 101,7902.

4. Database Administrator

Database Administrators develop and improve data resources to store and retrieve critical information needed for users. They need to have problem-solving skills to correct any malfunctions in databases and modify systems according to users’ demands. According to surveys, database administrators earn a median income of USD 87,020.

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The procedure by which the new applications are developed for gadgets running the Android working framework is known as Android development. As per Google “Android applications can be composed utilizing Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages” employing the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and other languages, which is additionally conceivable. uCertify provides an Android Development course that is fundamentally intended for software engineers who wish to learn how to develop versatile applications on the Android platform. Beginning Android Programming With the Android Studio course is specially created to help beginners in Android development, covering the essential concepts in a successive way so that it can help to expand the knowledge.

Learn Android Programming with uCertify Android Development Course

This Android Development course is intended for candidates who are new to Android Programming and need to figure out how to create Android applications. The course will help you learn android app development from basics and unlock new job opportunities in large organizations. In this course:

  • You will figure out how to make an Android project with Android Studio and run a debuggable application.
  • You will additionally take in some Android architecture and the important standards holding its design.
  • You will get acquainted with Android development devices & UI and get the comprehension of the procedures that are associated with an Android developed application.
  • You will build Widgets, Customize List view, Grid view, Spinners and so on.
  • You will build applications utilizing audio, video and SQLite database and lastly publish it on Google Play.

The Android Programming course provides the following resources to master the skills of android programming:

  • 14+ Lessons
  • 60+ Live Lab
  • 60+ Quizzes
  • 79+ Flashcards
  • 79+ Glossary Of Terms
  • 30+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 30+ Post-Assessment Questions

The Android Programming course covers the following topics:

  • Data Persistence
  • Content Providers
  • Android User Interface
  • Location-Based Services
  • Developing Android Services
  • Introduction of Android Programming
  • Android Studio for Android Development

Become an expert in Android Development with uCertify Beginning Android Programming With Android Studio course and learn mobile app development from scratch and unlock new job opportunities.