Q. What are the prerequisites for the 9A0-054 exam?

A.There are no prerequisites for the 9A0-054 exam.

Q. What credit does the 9A0-054 exam provide?

A. On successful completion of the exam, you will be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Q. Which certification does it covers?

A. After passing the 9A0-054 exam, you will earn credit towards the Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI), ACE Print Specialist, ACE Web Specialist, ACE Video Specialist, and ACE Master certifications.

Q. What are the areas on which the 9A0-054 exam is focused?

A. The 9A0-054 exam tests the knowledge and skills of a candidate for using Photoshop CS3 software. It recognizes a candidate’s ability to use the features and functions of the software to create attractive images, alter photographs and other artworks, retouch images, apply special effects on images, swap details between photos, and introduce text and logos in an image.
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